Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ the wedding table

 I like to think I'm a pretty organized person.  For most part I like to keep a tidy and clean house, and usually I know where stuff  can be found.  I knew that planning a wedding would put my organizational and planning skills to the test.  And I am officially in over my head!
My kitchen table has rarely been used for the purpose of dining, but mainly for junk.  Random things.  As of late it's main job is to hold all of the wedding stuff.  At one point in time only half of the table was covered with wedding things, right now it is the whole table, and it just seems to keep on growing.  I have a huge bin downstairs in the basement full of our wedding ornaments, napkins, jewelry, and other misc wedding items.  Up above you may see a mess.  But I see our wedding bands, RSVP cards, Thank You notes, Thank you gifts, contracts, items for our Table Number/Guest Books, etc...
But I am little bit nervous, because I'm definitely NOT as organized as I thought I would be.  There have been many times I've rummaged through that table thinking that for sure the item I was looking for could be found, to only be frustrated that it's not there!
For example: the journals I'm making for the Table Numbers.  I've made 11 of them, and they require cereal boxes to make.  Well when I started this project I had 6 cereal boxes so I made what I could out of what I had.  I went and purchased ALL of the paper and other supplies needed to make the total amount needed.  Lately I've gotten the rest of the cereal boxes needed, and started round two of the Table Numbers.  When I went to locate and use the paper that lines the journals it was nowhere to be found.  Now I know I purchased enough paper.  But I just couldn't find it.  So on Monday I went to Michael's and hopefully purchased the last of all wedding related supplies and crafts needed.  I'm so over it!  And now we're going to have two different types of journals.  Obviously not a big deal and nobody will know it but me, but still.
I'm getting super anxious about a bunch of things.  I have a bunch of small wedding projects that I plan to just do one at a time, one a night, just to get it done. 
One project that I completed on Monday was our gift card box.  I bought this box on some wedding website for like $20, and got some ribbon and a flower to fancy it up.  Not too bad, if I do say so myself.

I can't believe August is here.  To be honest I'm sorta dreading it.  Way back when, and when I saw what was on my "To-Do" list for August, I just didn't want to deal with it.  Like the Day Of agenda, the details of how the transportation is going to take place, the flow of the reception (when do we do toasts, the bouquet toss, the garter toss?...).  Thinking about any of that I just get a headache.
In addition to all of the above I only really have two weekends in August to get all of this stuff done.  This weekend is a busy one and we're out of town next weekend.  If I had the whole month of August I probably wouldn't be too concerned, but knowing that the first half of the month is occupied with other things, and that only leaves me the second half of the month for all remaining wedding items, I just get anxious.  I know I still have the month of September, but I have other items that I'm taking care of in September, and I just feel like if I can get it done now it's one less thing I have to worry about.  Anything that I can take care of in August, I just want it done! 

In other happy news (because truly all of this is happy news) I found out last week that my friend and bridesmaid Tina will be traveling to Denver (from Florida) with her whole family!  Originally it was just going to be her in attendance, but she figured out away for her husband and two boys to join in the celebration!  This elated me with such joy, and we now have two Ushers!!!  Yeah for fabulous friends!!!

Countdown: 65 Days!!!


Sarah Zook said...

Relax, Sistah! :) I TOTALLY understand what you mean. I remember being stressed but you're right, only you will notice or even recognize certain things. You've probably heard it before but it's so true: At the end of the day, the important part is that you're marrying the person you love with all your heart. The table numbers, the different paper, you might forget about it. You might not even care anymore. Everyone will have a fabulous time at the wedding, laughing, dancing, talking and NO ONE will be worried about the different paper on the table numbers. It will all work out I promise! :) LOVE YOU!

Summer said...

I think there's always a "clutter" spot in a home. I hope you find everything you need! I can't believe how well put together you are. The 6 weeks before the wedding, I had a to-do list each week. A monthly one is a way better idea! Good luck!

Emily Foley said...

Yikes! I feel stressed out just from reading this post! I wish I could help.

sarahlove said...

Looks totally organized to me. The details always come together towards the end like a funnel... everything tries to fit at once. Just do one thing at a time. You got this!