Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ Bachelorette Party Weekend

This past weekend was my super fun-filled and relaxing Bachelorette Party weekend!
Let me tell you all about it.

 The planning and details of this weekend have been in the works for quite sometime.  Around Christmas time when my cousin and Matron of Honor, Kari said that she would throw me a Bridal Shower in April, my fun, party friend and Bridesmaid Michelle immediately said she would do the Bachelorette Party.  Both Kari and Michelle wanted to be in Denver for the festivities so we immediately looked at calendars.  Since Kari has school-aged kids, we decided it would be best if we had the party before the beginning of the school year, and with that the weekend and date was chosen! 
 I got off of work early last Friday and came home to these beautiful flowers from my friend and Bridesmaid Tina!  Unfortunately Tina lives in Florida, so she hasn't really been able to take part in lots of the celebrations, but she'll be here in October, and that's most special!  The flowers were the perfect jump start to the weekend ahead!
Friday night Chris joined us for dinner at Linger, like I wrote about in my previous post.  And we had a super fun time.  My hope was to include Chris so that everyone could get to know each other better, and I think that was a big success! 
Saturday was pure bliss from start to finish.  To make this party like a true getaway I got us rooms at the Four Seasons downtown for both Friday and Saturday night.  This place is simply amazing!  First class service all around.  I didn't even feel like I was in Denver!  We stayed at the hotel the whole day and just relaxed. We started with breakfast at the EDGE restaurant, then went up to the spa.  Michelle and Kari got massages, and I got a body scrub and wrap.  I had never received such a treatment, and it was fabulous.  They had this huge amazing waterfall shower for me to rinse off in, that I felt like I was in heaven.  The spa was decked out with a steam room, relaxation room, and jacuzzi.  Amazing showers, and all the amenities needed to get ready for the day.  After our services we hung out in the jacuzzi a little bit, then headed out to  the 3rd floor patio where the pool is located!  Once we arrived the area was filled with shade, but after about 40 minutes the sun was out and our tan was on!  We had a couple of drinks and even a snack brought right to us!  After the afternoon by the pool we got ready for dinner and the party night ahead!
Once we were ready for our night out we walked and took the shuttle to Zengo where my friends Sarah and April met us for dinner.  Zengo was fantastic, and the evening ended with the waiter bringing us some shots as he heard we were a Bachelorette party!  Cheers!
I had known that there were a few surprises in store, but wasn't too sure what they were.  I thought that the rest of the group was going to meet us downstairs at the hotel bar, but when we arrived back at the hotel and went up to our room the front door was decorated.  I was immediately excited, then I heard voices from coming inside!  I open the door to a group of my friends and decorations everywhere!  Some of the details are X-rated, so I'll leave that up to your imagination!  I even had my own 3-D male cake!!! 
All of us hung out in the room for about an hour before the limo arrived.  I had a little moment, thanking these girls for being part of my life.  I'm so blessed to have such awesome and beautiful friends!
Kari and I

Cathy, April, Sarah, Sara, Annabelle, Michelle, Kari
Brandi, me, and, Denise

Kari, Cathy, Julie, me, Thea, Sara, Brandi

i think i look pretty cute

April, Kari, Julie, Sara, Brandi, Denise, me, Michelle, Thea, Annabelle, Sarah, Cathy
My amazing entourage!!!

Sarah and I dancing the night away!!!
When planning this night, my main priority was to dance.  I told Michelle that I just wanted to go out, drink, and dance, dance, dance.  Everyone pitched in and we got a super fun limo!  We started the night at PT's a local strip club with male dancers!  I really just wanted to do this, because well we could.  It is a Bachelorette Party!  Once inside I was excited as there was a dance floor and a cool vibe.  I knew I wouldn't want to be at the strip club long, so after about an hour I went to Michelle letting her know I was ready to leave.  And leave we would NOT.  Money had been spent for me to go up on stage to get my own personal lap dance!  Holy moly...I did not sign up for this!  So we hung out some more, and after my "present" we were able to leave about an hour later.  After PT's we were back on our way downtown to Chloe and newish dance club, that through the limo we got to skip the line and no cover!  Again this was something just to do because we could.  The place was huge!, again with a dance floor.  We did some more dancing, then relaxed a little bit at a table near the patio to get some fresh air.  After Chloe we headed to the Tavern, which was where I knew I would want to end the night.  I went to the Tavern for my 31st birthday and new it would have the music and atmosphere of what I wanted!  And it didn't not disappoint!  The Tavern has this awesome roof top bar with a dance floor, so we headed up there and danced the rest of the night away!!!  This was definitely the best part of the night.  Seriously a super fun night.  Waking up on Sunday night I kept thinking about how much fun I had.


Emily Foley said...

So while I'm glad you had fun that just sounds...awful to me! Seriously. I am not a dancer, so it's good that you have a good group of friends that like to do what you like to do. You all look so cute, I'm glad you had so much fun!

Summer said...

Dang! You guys know how to party.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are the cutest BTB ever!!! And so blessed to have sucha a wonderful group of gal friends to share such a wonderful event. . . you will never forget.

So happy you have a blog to share such great details. So happy you have this time in your life.

You so deserve it.

Love ya, MOT-B

sarahlove said...

The symmetry and the way the sign matches the pink iPod in the first picture are all so perfect! PERFECT.

Dancing the night away with a few twists along the way sounds like the greatest party just for you, April!