Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ In a Funk

Yesterday I wrote an email to my bridesmaids with "In a Funk" in the title.  I'm officially over planning this wedding.  It's been 9 months since Chris proposed, and we've been pretty much planning the details ever since.  And I'm ready for it to be here.  Only 44 more days to go, and I'll be Mrs. Sweat. 
I had a rough weekend, unable to sleep, and was up at 3am Monday morning, to only sleep a little from 8am - 9am.  I called in sick to work, and told myself it was ok to take a mental health day.  To only have feelings of guilt linger in me yesterday for wasting a day away, and thinking about all of the things I could have accomplished, rather than laying on the couch. 
I knew it was getting bad when all this preparation was starting to effect my mental health.  Sleep is important, and I seem to always wake up in the middle of the night with wedding thoughts consuming my brain, and I'm unable to shut them down to go back to sleep. 
It's hard to balance.  Because truly I want to remember it all, and I know that there will the time when I "think back when" and I'll feel foolish for ever complaining about what I know will be a beautiful, fun, elegant, romantic, and meaningful wedding. 
I did make some organizational improvements over the weekend.  Rather than a huge mess on my kitchen table, I now have piles all over the house.  In the basement are a bin and one box to be taken to the Chateaux on the wedding day.  Up in the guest bedroom is a box of items to take to the hotel and the box to take to the church on the wedding day.  Tucked away in a drawer in the entertainment center are items to take to the rehearsal dinner. 
Over the weekend Chris sewed the remaining 9 journals together, and yesterday I taped the yarn to the back side of them.  Tonight I hope to tape the seam down the spine of the rest of the books. 
Today I signed cards that I'll be passing out at the rehearsal dinner, and throughout the wedding day. 
I do have a rough day of agenda for me.  I still need to follow up with the florist, the harpist, and the cake lady.
I'm still working on the song list, and I honestly think we have too many dances, that nobody will really care to watch.  We have our first dance, the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, then we are doing a daughter/father-in-law and son/mother-in-law dance, and lastly my mom wants to do a bride/groom, my parents, his parents dance.  I'm thinking all of our guests will be wicked bored with so many dances. 
I got my veil in the mail last week, and had my first dress fitting on Saturday.  Only a few alterations, which I'm happy about because that's a minimal cost, that could have easily been costly.
Rehearsal dinner invites have gone out, and over all things are coming together nicely.  I love our rehearsal dinner invites (probably more than the wedding invitation itself).  I found this lady on Etsy that created them for $6, I was able to use paper and envelopes from my friend Andrea (who's getting married 2 weeks before me and leftovers from printing out her own wedding invitations), so all I had to get was postage.  $6 for rehearsal dinner invites, plus postage, not bad if I do say so myself!
Once the journals are done, only a few small things are left, and the month of September is looking pretty clear, which is exactly what I wanted.


Emily Foley said...

I have days like that all the time. Oh how I wish I could call in sick sometimes. I hope you get some sleep!

As for the dances, it's your wedding. If you want that many dances, the guests get to watch them. If you don't, don't do them. Simple!

Let me tell you April: You will never have a perfect wedding. Something is going to go wrong. I just want you to be prepared!:) no seriously though, it's time to relax. The big stuff is done and, well, a wedding is one day. One very nice, beautiful, happy day, but still, one day, and then it's over. Try to enjoy it as much as you can of course, but the most important thing is that YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED. It will go by quickly, and then it will be over. It's okay to be in a funk, but try to enjoy it, because before you know it, it's over.

Does that sound preachy? I didn't mean it to. I really was trying to help. Hm, maybe I should stop right here.

sarahlove said...

I could copy and paste Emily's comment but I fear that a pop up window will come up and say 'Booya!' So I will just say: Emily said it very well and not preachy at all.

Breathe. <3

Anonymous said...

April my Denver Angel. I feel your funk. I'm also ready for this wedding.

I appreciate all you've put into all the preparations etc. more than you know. Wish I could be the MOT-B too take away the anxiety. And not be one to add to it!

From the bottom of my heart and soul, Love ya bunches, MOM