Thursday, July 19, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

i'm ADD when it comes to putting the plates away.
i like it sold plate, stripped plate, sold plate, stripped plate...
it drives me
nuts when chris puts the dishes away
and their are 2 of kind on top of
each other.


my latest snack are
pinon nuts
from albuquerque.
they are pain to get into,
but they are yummy.


when chris and i got our king size bed last year,
we had to get get sheets.
we thought we would be smart and get good quality
sheets at the
flea market
and the sheets are horrible.
i really wish that someone buys us the sheet we registered for.


we have fun
double date night
planned for saturday!


last week it was completely dry when i left work.
by the time i go downtown on the bus it was pouring rain!
no umbrella.
just from the short run to the shuttle bus, from the shuttle bus into starbucks (to take cover)
i was drenched.
arrived to work
completely soaked.
needless to say an umbrella
hasn't left my bag since.


someone stole a wallet size picture of chris and i from my desk.
along with a flower that i let dry out.


the farmer's market at
cherry creek
is awesome!


i've been getting a ton
of eye boogers lately.



sarahlove said...

The plates! You sound like me. I love your plate organization! Does white always have to start first or can it start with blue? My cup handles have to all go the same direction. They must! ;)

Yum! They are SO fun to collect!

Speaking of which... that is exactly what you should use your awful sheets for when you get your new ones! Collecting pinon!


A chance to walk in the rain? Anytime!

Creepy or thoughtful? Hummmm. Perspective is an not reality.

Do they have cherries? ;)

Ah yes! The butterfly plants are in full bloom along with dandy lions!

Anonymous said...

April . . . you are in Full Bloom!! This was absolutely a delightful and entertaining blog.

Thanks for smiles :)

Um . . . who do you get your ADD and OSD from?? . . . I wonder.

Your loving MOT-B.

Remind me about the pinon and I'll have some for you in November.

Summer said...

I hate our sheets. We have a king-sized bed. We've had them four months and already I need to replace them. Just SO expensive!

We call eye boogers sleepies. Well, mom did, so I do.

Emily Foley said...

I got my sheets at JCPenney, they are AWESOME. And they were only like $60. If you wait for a sale and get a $10 off coupon you can get them for even less. They're Cindy Crawford brand, if you can believe it.