Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ the MOT-B

just a cute pic of Chris and my Mom "riding" down the escalator in Ikea

This Wedding Wednesday Post is a montage to my mom: The Mother of the Bride, aka The MOT-B. Have I ever truly expressed how wonderful and cute and awesome my mom is?! She’s truly the best. It’s not a far stretch to say that she’s just as excited about my upcoming wedding as I am. And I think it hurts her immensely that we’re apart during this time, but she is understanding and has made it known many many times that if I need her here she’ll be here. I have a good grip on everything so I know that I won’t be seeing her again until the week of the wedding, but she was here over this past weekend to do (what else!?) all things wedding.

It’s quite the big understatement when I say my mom spoils me. When I first got engaged there was a lot of correspondence between my mom and I. Back in December when I went over all of the small details of what will go into this day, she immediately shot down just about every single one of them. A wedding planner?, no you will not have this. Your guest list will NOT go over 100 people. (those are just a couple of examples.) No, I don’t have a wedding planner, but I do have a Day Of Coordinator, and our guest list, well that’s almost to 200. When she was out here in January and we went to the Bridal Fairs, I’m the one that had to bring her down and say “No, Mom we don’t need that.” She wants it all. It’s cute and overwhelming!

We got a lot accomplished while she was here. We started our Table Numbers/Guest Books, and I learned that they are not going to come out how I want. But I’m going with it anyways, because I really love the idea. Making one not a big deal, but I’m making sixteen and I know they are going to be a pain.

A sneak peek of the table set up at the Chateaux
 Along with the table number’s we had a meeting at the Chateaux to go over our table settings and just so my mom could ask questions. The caterer also met us there, and my mom walked away getting to see the whole area and feeling a lot more comfortable and confident.

After the Chateaux we drove down to Park Meadows mall for our appointment at Nordstrom at the Wedding Suite. My mom as already found her dress but I thought this would be a fun experience to try on more dresses with a personal shopper. While we were trying on dresses Chris walked around the mall and got bored quick. He came to check in with my mom and I after about 40 minutes. He advised me he walked the mall and looked at wedding bands. He asked to see my ring, and went off again. I honestly didn’t think anything of it, because we had discussed what we were going to do for our wedding bands, but thought if he wants to shop around: whatever.

Once our appointment was over I called him, and he advised me to come down to John Atencio. Again didn’t think anything of it. As I walk in he’s leaning up against the glass, and I approach him and look inside the case and say “So what are you looking at?” He then reaches behind himself and puts a little black jewelry box in front of me. I look up at him and smile and say “what’s this?” he says “just open it.” After going back and forth like this a couple of times, I finally open it. Inside is my engagement ring with a band!! I was a little taken aback, because again this wasn’t what we talked about. I tried it on and discuss the piece with the sales ladies. My engagement ring is platinum, and the band is white gold, and I do plan on getting them soldered together. They say combining the two metals is fine, but it makes me nervous because they are two completely different metals. Then before I know it he reaches for another box…we banter like before, and when I open it, it’s his wedding band! Obviously he loves it, or he wouldn’t have purchased it. But I was a little hurt that it wasn’t me who picked it out and was able to present it to him. The lesson learned is that’ll be the last time I let him walk free in a mall again!

After Chris’ jewelry shopping spree my mom and I still wanted to shop for shoes! We went into Dillards and we both found our shoes for the wedding! Honestly I was a little bit nervous about shoes. The shoes that I had decided on and tried on with my gown at the bridal shop didn’t work because the heel was too high, and my dress wasn’t long enough! I was told I need a lower heel. Finding a nice formal, comfortable heel, with what I was looking for I knew would be difficult. The bridal shop suggested added a lace trim to the bottom of my dress to lengthen it, but I had a hard time visualizing what that would look like, and what if I didn’t like it?! It just seemed too much of a risk to have to pay for an alteration to chance that I might not like it, just to undo the alteration. Because of all of this wedding day shoes were weighing heavily on my mind. While my mom was trying on her shoes I kept walking by these shoes I really liked, but kept questioning if the heel was too high, and if I would even be able to walk in them or not. The style wasn’t what I originally had in mind, because I had it set I would need something to go around my ankle to help me walk, and these shoes don’t have a strap, so I just kept going back and forth about even trying them on. Finally I did, and I’m so glad that I did! They are perfect!!! Easy to walk in, comfortable, and beautiful!!! Once they were purchased, I was nervous about the height. But the next day mom and I went and tried on my dress, and it’s perfect! A stressful situation was easily resolved! Phew!!!

Another big check mark was the alcohol. A big plus with the Chateaux is you provide the drinks. This is a huge cost saver. We checked out a rather large liquor store and got an estimate for our party. What’s even better is if we don’t use all of what we buy the liquor store will buy it back from us afterwards!

Lastly, was my mom wanting to get her ears pierced! I had no idea this was something she wanted to do. But she wants to wear earrings on my big day, so we went and got her ears pierced. She had her ears pierced when she was young, but let them close when she was in her 20’s some 30 years ago! So now my cute mom is even cuter with some bling bling in her ears!

My mom with pierced ears!
 The trip was a fun one, and as much as I wish she was here for every single little wedding detail, I feel as though we take advantage of the time we do spend together so that she can feel like a big part of the day and in the planning process.  I know I say (type) it all the time, but the next 12 weeks will fly by and before I know it she’ll be back here ready to help celebrate (and cry {happy tears}) while I become Mrs. Sweat. 


Emily Foley said...

I am so excited about your shoes!

I'm not holding back here...I would KILL Dave if he bought his own ring without consulting me. It's fine for him to pick what he wants, but it is not his job to buy his ring. I would seriously make him take it back so you can re-buy it. Just my opinion. You do what works for you. :)

That said, I didn't like the ring Dave proposed with. I made him take it back and I chose something else for him to buy. Selfish maybe but I didn't want a ring that I hated! I have since lost and had to replace that ring, but it wasn't as sad as you would think because it wasn't the ring he proposed with! Heh.

Summer said...

Love mom's! Seriously, they're so great.

I didn't have any say whatsoever in my ring. I mean, we spent alot of time talking over what I like. There was this one ring I really really liked, and at one point Tyler actually ordered it, but there was this huge mix up and the guy from the store called and told me he'd ordered a ring. Up to that point, I had no idea!!!

Tyler was really unhappy to have his surprise ruined. Anyway, he ended up ordering it in from somewhere else. I definitely loved the ring I didn't get, but I really like the one I have because he picked it and he loves it. It had the size diamond I wanted and it's yellow gold...I could go on and on.

Anyway, I hope you like your band. I don't have one yet. Maybe someday. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow . . . what an awesome daughter I have.

Love ya the MOT-B

Rachel said...

Love that your mom got her ears pierced for your day. :-)

And, as for rings, we went together, and I refused to let Andy leave the store without purchasing MY ring. He really wanted to leave, and told me later that he wanted to go back w/o me and get a bigger diamond. lol For our bands, we went together, but each picked out our own - comfort was the priority.

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sarahlove said...

That is such a cute picture of your mom and Chris! IKEA is so much fun! I adore your relationship with your mom and it's so neat that Chris gets to join in too now!