Friday, July 20, 2012

the news

I remember when I was 19, and the date was 4/20/99.  I heard of the subarb Littleton, CO for the first time.  At this point in time I had never been to Colorado, but knew that it was a neighboring state, and that Denver was a big city, and that Littleton was close to that city.  I remember feeling heartbroken.  It was just so sad.  At the time I was working on the phones at Victoria's Secret Catalogue.  A woman called in and placed an order, her address was a Littleton address.  I expressed my sympathy to her, and we spoke a little about the tragedy.  At the time I got the majority of my news from MTV and I remember one of the news anchors there covering the story, and that one day it was bright and sunny and the next it was snowing.  
I remember one of the first times I came to Colorado on a visit when I was 21, I wanted to go drive by that school.  
I suppose my point in all these is that we all have details of days that we remember.  Days that don't necessarily impact us, but impact others a great deal.  We of course all remember the details of our individual day of 9/11/01, and other historic days.  We each have our own perspective.
I've been bothered lately by the amount of people that I work with always looking forward to the weekend, or the next big vacation, or something other than today.  I think of my friend Sarah who puts so much emphasis on today, in her comments she leaves, and in the words she writes on her blog, and facebook.  
Why do we not look forward to today?  Tomorrow may be special but today has the chance to be just as life changing.  
For example, I can't wait until October 5th...truly, I have a running countdown in my head.  But does that mean I'm not going to enjoy everyday between now and then?  Or make every other day special?  No!  More and more I hear people say "Is it Friday, yet?!"  Yes, I realize the weekends are great.  But I think it's sorta important to enjoy the rest of the days too. 
Colorado has been in the news a lot lately.  I'm sure you've heard of the Colorado Wildfires.  About a month ago our state was literally up in flames.  We had fires in every direction of us except for East.  It was a Wednesday when a fire broke out in Boulder, in addition to the one if Fort Collins and Colorado Springs already burning.  I walked to my car and the smell was horrible.  That night was when the fire in Colorado Springs burned down 300+ homes.  I remember laying in bed, snuggling with Chris, watching these flames, and being so thankful to be in a house with a roof, safe and sound.
Lately it seems things have calmed down.  Nothing catastrophic has been in the news.  Their have been survival stories of the victims of the fire, but nothing too horrible.
While Chris and I were watching the news last night a story came about a cat that was shot and killed.  The story was probably about 3 - 4 minutes long...a long time for a news story about a family cat.  There were details about a memorial fund set up for the cat and everything.  Chris looked over at me and said, "Is this really the news?"  The next story was about a pit bull attacking another dog.  It seemed that the news was running pretty low on newsworthy stories.  I responded back to him, "Well as much as I hate to say it, I would much rather hear about a cat being shot, than a person."  He agreed, we said I love you, and went to sleep.
This morning we're up like a normal morning.  While saying goodbye to Chris I ask him if we're going to make it an early day.  We always try to leave work a little bit early on Friday's.  He says that he hopes so.  
Once I get in my car and hear my radio and hear the news for the first time today, I can tell something isn't right.  I only hear a small portion as I just have a short drive to the park 'n ride to catch the bus.  But I know a shooting has taken place and that innocent people have died.  
I get to work right at 7:30am, my phone rings.  It's Chris.  He tells me it will not be an early day.  That approximately 20 of the victims are at the hospital where he works.  
I'm heartbroken on so many levels.  For this senseless act of violence, for all of the people involved.  Of course the question, WHY? pops into my head.  A question we'll never know the answer to.  Not fully anyways.  
Today is special.  Make it so. 


SarahLove said...

Thank you Aprill. (hugs)

Rachel said...

Well said, April. Today is special. I will make it so.

Emily Foley said...

Our phone and internet was cut off on Friday morning, so I didn't even hear about the shooting until Sunday afternoon. I was sick about it. I still am. The fear, the....awfulness of it just makes me sick. Thanks for the reminder that life should be appreciated, every moment.

My cousin Jenn married John Savage, one of the kids at the high school in Littleton. He was in the library and talked to the boys when they took a break from shooting and was able to escape unharmed because he had been nice to them. I can't imagine the nightmare of living through something like that.

Also, I don't think I know what Chris does? I didn't know he worked in a hospital.