Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Helena @ 2 years!

Helena had her two year well visit last week!
She's 23 pounds and 33 inches.

Helena is like a sponge.  She soaks everything in and everything is on repeat.  "Mommy read" "Mommy read" "Mommy read"  "Watch Mickey Mouse" "Watch Mickey Mouse" "Watch Mickey Mouse" "Mommy what are you doing?" "Mommy what are you doing?"  "Mommy what are you doing?" "Do bubbles outside" "Do bubbles outside" "Do bubbles outside"  You get the idea.

She loves to sing and will randomly sing "Happy Birthday Miss Helena" "A B C D H I J L M P W X Y Z"  Often on repeat is W X Y and Z, with the "and Z" sounding like one word.  She'll count but rarely starts with one.  Her counting is: 3 4 5 6 7 8 9.  Lately she'll sing something like "Single baby".

She's a great big sister and loves to sit with Bennett.  She likes to feed him by holding his bottle although it is short lived once she realizes she has to continue to hold it and will say "mommy do it".  She enjoys doing tummy time and asks about baby Bennett frequently.
She continues to be a good sleeper.  I was nervous about bringing Bennett home because Helena is a super light sleeper and wakes up immediately once you open up her bedroom door.  Our bedrooms are all close together and I was fearful that Bennett cries in the middle of the night would wake her up.  She did wake up his first night home, but since then she sleeps through them!  I'm so glad and she hasn't awoken up since we brought Bennett home (besides that first night)!  I was also fearful that his cries would affect her, but thankfully she completely zones out his cries.

She hasn't really shown any signs of potty training.  We stick her on the potty nightly before her bath, and she'll say she needs to go potty, but she has never actually gone to the potty.  She'll sometimes tell me when she has pooped but not always.  My thoughts are that once Bennett gets somewhat of a schedule I'll try and potty train her.

She's still in a crib and tries to climb out but immediately says "need help".  The transition to the toddler bed will probably happen sometime soon.

She's in size 2T, although some of the shirts are already too short.  And size 4 diapers.  And size 5 shoes.

She loves to be outside, and loves bubbles, and I'm really itching to take her to the pool, but I'm not ambitious enough to take both kids to the pool by myself.

Some of my favorite words that she says "Oh geesh"  "Daaaad"  "Delicious!" "Sopapilla"  "Tortilla" "I love you Mommy"

She loves to see her friends, and gets super excited when I tell her friends are coming over or if we are going to a friends house

She loves to read and turn the pages.  Although it's frustrating because she'll usually only let me read about 3 words before turning the page just to say "mommy read".

She loves to tickle my toes when I'm changing her diaper and when I tell her no she'll tickle her own toes.

She's extremely agreeable and when you explain something to her she'll gladly say "ok".

Overall she's a joy and I'm so blessed to be her mom.  


Summer said...

She's only 23 pounds? That's how much Eli weighs! I'm so impressed with her letters and counting!

TJ is the same way - if we explain to him, he goes, "ok" and that's that. It's amazing.

Emily Foley said...

She is SO SMART, April! I swear that much talking/counting/abcs' means she's a prodigy. Wow. She seems like the sweetest kid! I love how sweet she is!