Monday, January 19, 2015


Chris getting Baptized

Helena getting Baptized

With Pastor Ken

Last Sunday Helena and Chris got Baptized.  It was an amazing event, and such a blessing!  Three years ago when we were planning our wedding and getting to know Pastor Ken, and seeing him Baptize baby's I knew that if I were to ever have a baby I would want him to do their baptism.  Pastor Ken as such amazing Spirit and speaks such wonderful blessings.  He did a fantastic job at our wedding, and didn't disappoint for my daughter's baptism. 
This process was something new to me.  When Chris and I discussed it we didn't know much.  Chris wasn't raised in a religious household and I was raised Catholic.  Neither one of us knew what the process was for the Methodist church.  Shortly after Helena was born, Chris and I discussed her getting baptized and he mentioned wanting to be baptized as well.  How more special can a baptism be with a father and daughter getting baptized together?!  We asked Pastor Ken if he would do both of them at the same time, and he said he was happy to!
We got to learn more about the Methodist practices and their sacraments and I'm excited to take Helena on this journey!
It was a family affair, as Chris' parents and my mom came to celebrate the event!  We had a great time. We got dressed up (big fancy hair bow for Helena and everything!) and celebrated their welcoming into the church!  I was nervous as Helena hadn't pooped for a couple of days prior (and she didn't poop that day either) so we waiting to put her in her dress until the last minute.  Thankfully she was a perfect little girl during the whole Baptism!
In addition to our families all of our church friends and fantastic babysitter came to the service as well.  Afterwards a large group of us went to a fancy brunch and just enjoyed food and good company.  The whole day is a highlight of good memories!

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Emily Foley said...

That's so nice that they could do it together. You look beautiful! I love that last picture of the three of you together. I loved your pastor at your wedding, it's so nice that you guys know him so well and he can do these things for your family.