Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Goals

So what am I gonna do in 2015?!  How do I even begin to top the past 5 years?!  I’ve had some pretty monumental years and although nothing can top some recent changes (becoming a wife {2012} and mom {2014}) I do hope to put something’s on repeat (lose weight) and achieve some new aspirations that I’ve gained as of late.  

A big focus for this year is lose weight.  I honestly didn’t focus much on it after Helena was born because I was breastfeeding.  I have no idea how much I weigh right now, but if I had to guess I would say I am a little less than what I was before I got pregnant.  I know this is what a lot of mom’s want, to be at their pre-baby weight.  But not for me.  I want to be at my wedding weight.  So that’s the goal.  I’m looking at the big picture and another big goal is to be possibly (newly) pregnant by this time next year.  I probably shouldn’t put this out there on the WWW (who knows why?!) but that’s what I’m shooting for and it’s my blog.  I want to try and experience a healthier pregnancy the second go ‘round so that means I gotta lose weight.  Especially since the second pregnancy will most likely be the last.  As always I plan to post my struggles and triumphs especially since I have my previous weight loss experience to compare it to. 

Another focus for this year is to be a calmer and more patient wife.  I need to work on the way in which I communicate things.  Through my married life (all of 2 years) I’ve learned that I bottle things.  I keep things inside.  For whatever when I have something I want to accomplish, something I want to say, something I want done, something I want to plan etc…I keep it inside and don’t express it.  And then I expect Chris to know what it is that I’m thinking and get frustrated at him when I have to explain something.  Had I just said something sooner it would have prevented so many headaches, some heartaches and tears.  But I wait until  I snap and then it is just too late, and all that’s left is for me to apologize.  It’s a difficult lesson to learn but I do know I want need to change it.  

Lastly I have some professional changes I want to accomplish this year.  I’m working hard at my Younique business and hope to make it grow.  I have some specifics in mind but don’t feel comfortable making those public.  Hopefully in due time.  

In addition to all of that we have a couple of family trips planned and I’m looking forward to watching Helena grow and celebrating her first birthday in May!  I’m tempted to throw a “We Survived the First Year” party, because really she won’t remember the party anyways and I think the fact that we will survive is worth celebrating! 

I know the year will fly by so I better get going!

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Emily Foley said...

I have a friend that threw her first daughter a ginormous catered first birthday party and felt so guilty that she didn't do it for her second daughter. But you're right--they don't remember it or care, so do what makes YOU happy. :)