Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Latest Happenings

Just some updates on my baby girl.

She just started making this silly cheesy grin.  Who knows where it came from, but my goodness it’s cute!

She’s now bathing in the bath tub.  She loves to kick and splash in the water.  A couple of weeks ago she got a super bad rash all over so we’re giving her nightly baths now, and she loves it!

She loves different textures.  She puts her little hands on everything and just feels the different materials.

She’s officially in size 2 diapers!

She prefers rolling over on her left arm, but now goes both ways.

She has a little giggle, and is making lots of new sounds and pitches.

As much as I hate not being part of her day 100% of the time, I’m happy she gets daddy/daughter alone time with her dad while I’m at work.  (I think Chris and Helena really enjoy it too.)

Baby girl is definitely eating more.  And because of this she is now pooping more too!  She used to only poop about once a week…now it’s almost daily!

She's pushing herself up on her arms more when she is on her tummy.

She does really good at the gym daycare, and am so happy I can drop her off, know that she is well cared for, and get a workout in.

She is changing daily, and sometimes I just want to freeze time.


Emily Foley said...

I'm telling you she has the sweetest smile! That girl melts my heart every time I see her!

My kids always have a bath every night. It's the signal that it's time to slow down and get ready for bed, and Isaac who is 10 still loves bathtime (even if he mostly has showers now). May seem weird but I love that it's part of our daily routine.

My kids used to barely poop too! It would drive me crazy with worry.

Jimmy said...

She is the cutest baby!