Monday, October 6, 2014

2 years

Beautiful anniversary flowers!

they smell so good

Chris and I had a great weekend.  Nothing major happened, but I do want to take the time to document it just so I can remember.
Saturday was a bum day.  It was well past 12noon before either of us took showers.  We had a super lazy day, and it was perfect.  Chris made super delicious pancakes, and we got somewhat caught up on our TV shows.    We hung out and played with Helena, and overall it was just a good day.  Chris even had the most beautiful and huge arrangement of flowers delivered to the house to begin the celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary!  The flowers are simply stunning, and I love them!  Chris truly knows how to make me feel loved and put a smile on my face. I am blessed.
On Sunday we actually woke up sorta early (7amish) and decided to head to church.  I had started to really miss church, as we hadn’t been in at least 3 weeks!  I gave Chris his anniversary card, we got ready, and made a grocery list and menu for the week.  Of course on the day that we are up early, Helena decided to sleep until we needed to wake her to head to church…we got her up around 9am, and she probably would have slept longer!  (I think she’s going through a growth spurt, as she’s been doing a lot of sleeping.)  Chris fed her on the way to church, and she was such a super happy and calm baby during the entire service!  After church we went to breakfast and grocery shopping.  We got home just in time to prevent Helena being super fussy in public, to feed her, and get her down for an afternoon nap.  She fell asleep right at the start of the Bronco game, and slept until about 4:30pm!  During the first part of the game I did something’s around the house (laundry, put up Halloween decorations) then at halftime Chris and I sat down for the first time since Helena arrived and did our budget.  Prior to Helena we had done a great job of doing a monthly budget and doing our finances together every weekend.  But having a newborn, the last thing I wanted to do was look at the money.  Chris, being the rock star husband that he is, took the finances off of my plate and has been handling all of it since we became a family of 3.  It felt great to reconnect with our finances and get back on board with our budget, and go back to making it a true partner effort.
After that was done I pumped and then our babysitter arrived.  I can’t even describe how lucky we got in finding Chendra!  Prior to the whole childcare thing, in my mind the perfect scenario was to somehow find a college aged woman who could watch Helena on the afternoons I was at work.  To have her schedule work perfectly with our schedule.  And that’s exactly what we found!  It’s sorta long story, but I found Chendra on Facebook, and she is a godsend!  Not only now do we have someone to watch Helena during the week, we now have someone who can watch her if Chris and I want a night out.  And last night was one of those nights!  Chris and I had our first “typical” date night since Helena, with the classic dinner and a movie!  We went to go see “Gone Girl” then had dinner at Rock Bottom.  Not fancy, but just what we needed.  I constantly tell Chris how happy I am that we continue to go out even with a baby at home.  Since Helena’s arrival we’ve been out 4 times and I feel so blessed that we’ve had those times to just be husband and wife for a few hours out and about knowing our daughter is at home and well taken care of. 
Yesterday we talked a lot about the past 2 years.  Being married, our anniversary trip last year to Steamboat, and now being parents.  We talked about our future and what we pray and hope for. 
The weekend in general was just a couple of days I want to remember. 

and of course a cute picture of Helena

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Emily Foley said...

Gorgeous flowers, gorgeous baby! I'm so glad you had a nice anniversary and that you have a good baby-sitter. Those things are essential!