Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Letter to my Daughter

Facetime at work!

Dear Helena,

You are no longer our little poppy seed.  But rather a beautiful little almost 4 month old baby girl!  This week last year was the week I found out I was expecting you.  And now this week we have another big transition, as I started work again.  My oh my what a year it has been!  You’ve grown and flourished just as you should, and just as I prayed for.  You are beautiful, happy, and healthy!  I can remember this time last year like it was yesterday.  I can give you details of conversations and things that I did this week last year like they happened yesterday.  Your dad thinks it’s crazy how I remember these details and dates, and how I talk about them a year later like they are significant.  But to me they are significant.  Nothing over the past year has been insignificant.  Now that you are here I want you to know what I want for you.
I love you, to the moon and back.  Never ever doubt that. 
You can do and be anything you want to be.  Your dad and I will do anything and everything we can to set you out on the journey that you decide.
Pray.  There will be times you will doubt Gods presence in your life, but know that He is always there, and is always listening.
Be strong and confident.  Be sure in who you are, and don’t make apologies for it.    
Be kind.  Small gestures go a long way.
Observe the golden rule.  Treat others how you want to be treated.
Trust your gut.  If someone or something seems bad, it is probably bad.
Respect people.  Look at people in the eyes when they talk to you.  Pay attention.
Make a good first impression.  Be on time and when you shake someone’s hand really shake their hand.  Let your grip be felt.
Be compassionate.  Don't pretend to know other people's struggles, because you don't.
Get an education.  I hope and pray that you want to go to college...your college fund is already set up!  You'll never be too old to learn something new.
Love.  Your love is special, only give it to those people who deserve it.
Look and be observant.  Admire what is around you.  Each day is different, treat it as a gift.
Stay curious.  Ask questions. 
Relax.  Things will work out as they should.

I want only good things for you!  I know there will be struggles, but I also know we'll get through them and learn from them.  We're going to have an absolute blast with you!  You are already so much fun!  I'm sure as you get older (which means I'll be getting older too) I'll want to add to this list, but I feel this is a good foundation for what I want your life to be. 

My love for you is stronger each and every single day!  You have brought so much joy and shine into my life.  Thank you for making me a Mom and choosing me to help guide you through your life.

I love you,

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