Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Denver Baby Shower

A couple of weekends ago my friend Julie threw me a Denver Baby Shower.  I was thrilled and felt super blessed when she offered to throw me a shower.  There was lots of little details for this little "angel", and just hanging out with some friends, created a nice laid back Saturday morning brunch!
feathers and each guests got to take home bath salts!

the glittered invitation

gifts for Spoiled Baby Sweat

the Grandmothers to-be traveled to be part of the special day!

3 pregnant ladies checking out the baby's room.  Andrea, me, and Erin

made by my Mother In Law

much needed items from my friend Sarah!

TOP ROW: Cathy, Sara, Dena, Andrea, Erin, me, Sarah, Cheryl, Angela  BOTTOM ROW: Tina, Annabelle, my mom, Julie                         

A lot of my friends have had babies in recent years so I got some awesome gear that I didn't even know existed, but that they know I will need.  I am truly so appreciative to have these ladies in my life.
Chris' mom drove out with his friend's Mike and Angela, so having people travel for this little babe definitely added to the event.  Mary even made some freezer meals so we'll have food once baby is born!
The weekend was super special all around.


Emily Foley said...

You look SO beautiful! I love baby showers so much. That is so great of your friend to throw you one in Denver, and amazing that both grandmas traveled out! Also, what is in the nursery in the very front of the picture? A bassinett? I love it.

Summer said...

How funny- I got a "my first thanksgiving" outfit at one of my baby showers. Just a little random (but fun!). Your bump is adorable and you definitely have that preggo glow!