Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Bassinet

Baby Sweat will hopefully spend his or her first 6-8 weeks in a family bassinet.  I first heard about this bassinet when I became pregnant, and at first mention I didn't really want anything to do with it.  But when Chris and I were in Albuquerque for Christmas we went to go see the bassinet, that was in my Aunt Patti's storage unit at the time.  I liked the simple look and functionality of it, and knew where it would fit in our bedroom (perfectly right next to my side of the bed).  Then I became intrigued by its history.  My Aunt Patti at the time mentioned that my Grandpa Egan got this bassinet from an old military hospital and majority of his kids (my aunts and uncles) had slept in the bassinet as newborns, along with all of us cousins (myself included).  The last person to use the bassinet was my 2nd cousin Aidan, who will be 13 in September.
I reached out to a few of my aunts with the hope of putting its history together, but like time often does, the stories are mixed. 
One version starts in Rocksprings, Wyoming in 1945, where the brown bassinet was given to my Grandparents, as the hospital was getting all new bassinet as the time.
Another version starts in Bauxite, Arkansas in 1944, where Grandpa Egan purchased the green bassinet at a military surplus store. 
Regardless, the bassinet itself is nearing 70 years of age! Whether the bassinet was acquired in Wyoming or Arkansas, the other states it has traveled to are: Utah, New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado. 
The bassinet is all metal, on wheels, and the top "basket" can be removed.  I'm thrilled to be using this for Baby Sweat, and to know that we will share in this piece of family history.
Knowing that this piece of furniture has cared for up to 16 babes, I know it'll keep Baby Sweat safe and blessed as it sleeps at night.
I'm also thrilled to be keeping alive a piece of furniture that my Grandpa Egan used.  My Grandpa Egan was the ultimate non-waster.  He didn't waste anything.  And I'm sure he would be proud that a piece of furniture he got approximately 70 years ago is still in use and cared for today.

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Emily Foley said...

That's really cool! I love the history of it. When my in-laws were new parents they were so poor their first baby slept in a drawer in their bedroom. My father-in-law (Gary)'s dad came to visit and said "No grandson of mine is sleeping in a drawer" and bought them a crib that day. So Gary has bought a crib for each of his son's first baby and I love that tradition. I like to look at our crib and think about Grandpa Foley.