Saturday, September 14, 2013

Catch up: April 2013

I’m going to try and do some monthly updates to try and fill in my blogging gap, so these posts might be kinda random, who knows.  We’ll find out together.  If anything, I’ll know what I’m talking about!  Ha!

The two big activities I have for April are the Rave Run and our trip to Colorado Springs. 

The Rave Run was a 5k in City Park, that Chris and I did together!  I know I said that would never happen, but this was a super fun event for us!  My friend Andrea did it this race too, and it was her first 5k!  The big difference for me and this race was that it was a night time race.  It didn’t start until 9pm…I’m usually in bed at that time!  I was a little nervous, just because all my previous races had been in the morning, and I really don’t like to work out on a full stomach.  On this day I think we had a huge breakfast, and a good sized afternoon lunch.  I’ve done many races at City Park before so I knew exactly what to expect when it came to race day (or night)!  We arrived and it was wicked crowed!  In the past I’ve done the Mother’s Day 5k at City Park, and one nice thing about this race is that it isn’t crowded.  Not so, with the Rave 
Run.  So many people!  We got some neon stuff to wear, and spent a good amount of time just standing around before the race actually began.  We met up with Andrea, and her friend she was running with and her husband who was there as her cheerleader.  As with all races I got super nervous prior to the start, but the energy of the crowd was fantastic.  There was loud techno music playing, and some lights…which made it the Rave Run.  Once 9pm came and went and went…the start was a little hectic.  I think the crowd was much bigger than anticipated.  So the race organizers just did random waves to start us off.  There were a few parts along the race of “light shows” and techno music, but nothing like what we saw in the advertisements for this race.  There was one part where you overlapped previous runners, and volunteers yelling “if you are coming through here for the first time go LEFT, if you are coming here for the second time go RIGHT” it was a bit crazy, and obviously not well organized. 

Running with Chris however, was a lot of fun.  It was exactly how I pictured it, and I’m so happy he did this race with me.  He was there by my side through the whole race and was a great motivator.  Like most things that you start, I was really looking forward to the end.  The feeling of running through the finish line and celebrating that moment with Chris.  Unfortunately that moment didn’t happen.  This is where you could really tell that the attendance for this race was outta control.  The Finish line was a like a funnel.  Getting way too many people squished into a small space.  Getting through the finish line was like walking in a huge crowd: nobody going anywhere fast.  It was a mess.  After the face we learned that a lot people complained about how unorganized the race was, and we got free admission to the race next year (if they have one) and 50% off another night time race. 
Once we completed the race we went to the Denver Diner for some dinner, and enjoy our late night out!

 Later in April we decided a little getaway was in order, so we traveled down to Colorado Springs.  We did the Cog railroad which was a lot of fun, and stayed at the Cheyenne Mountain resort.  The Cog Railroad is the highest cog railroad in the country?  It travels up to Pike’s Peak where there was a ton of snow on the ground!  We had a great evening, and a lovely dinner and breakfast the next day before traveling back to Denver.  

Here are pictures along our train ride.


Emily Foley said...

What a fun little getaway! You look SO cute.

That race would drive me crazy. But if it's free next year you should do it and see if they fixed the problems!

sarahlove said...

FUN! That is so great about the night race and I love the pictures from the peak! Cozy!