Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Chris and I were talking recently about time.  More specifically about the anticipation of time.  And it got me thinking.  So much, that it kept me up last night while I was trying to fall back asleep from this horrible cold I have going on right now, and is preventing me from getting a good nights sleep.
I know I've talked about time before, but I think it is sorta amazing.  Time isn't really a physical thing, you can't see it.  Like air.  You know it's there, and you experience during every little moment of every day.  You can't live without it.
So I asked myself: What is time?  Simply, I think time is an experience.  Like a finger print.  Completely unique.  Each second is different, because it can never be repeated.  Gone.  Just.Like.That.
Then there is the anticipation of time.  The moment when you don't really think about the here, and the now.  But what's to come.  I feel like a lot of time is spent in this category.
I try to put in a conscience effort to remember now.  To be happy for this moment, because I know it'll never happen again.  But I also can't help to think about what's to come.  I am a planner and all!
Right now I'm happy to be home and comfortable.  Chris did get a job (details to come) and I'm home alone for the first time in a long time.  I'll admit, I'm selfish and these new hours without my husband will be difficult, but if anything I'll treasure my time with him even more now.  So since he isn't here to cuddle with, I get to spend some time with myself, spend some time typing out random thoughts on my blog.
I remember a saying I think I read on Facebook a long time ago about time.  It went something like: the days go by slow, but the weeks and the years go by so quickly.  I think maybe that's because we're always in anticipation of something.  The weekend, the vacation, the birthday, the holiday.  And before we know it, those events come, and then they go.  Part of the past, just like the rest of life.  I have a running countdown of things to come, and I know they'll come, so until then I should really enjoy now.  Focus on what I have right now.  Not too sure why that is a difficult concept.
Memories are created everyday.  Not just days that are "planned" to be special.
As random as this may seem, I suppose my point is to enjoy your time.  All of it.  The planned the unplanned.  I think it is safe to say that most of life is unplanned.  And that life changes from what is planned.  So we gotta take all of it, and try and enjoy all of it.  We may not want some of it, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.  A lot of things go unplanned, and it's up to us to make the most out of that and to create memories of the unplanned. 


Summer said...

Very poignant. It's an amazing 'element,' time. Things change so fast, sometimes I find myself thinking "I missed it when..." when back then, I was thinking "I cant wait until..." It's hard to enjoy the moment!
Hope you feel better!

Emily Foley said...

Every time I'm dreading something I say to myself "before you know it, this will be over." And then when it's over, I always think back to myself saying that. It helps me get through hard things.

I'm glad Chris got a job! I literally only see Dave at night anymore (like, 2 am kind of night). You get used to it, even if it sucks.