Thursday, September 19, 2013

Catch Up: May 2013

May was another fun month.  We started out the month with a visit from my parents.  This was the first trip my dad had taken to come visit since I’ve met Chris (excluding the wedding, but my dad was only in town for the actual day of the wedding, so that doesn’t count).  So it was great to have both of my parents here and in our element.  I can’t remember how long they were here, but it was pretty rainy during their visit.  The purpose of the trip was a Rockies vs Yankees baseball game.   Which unfortunately was a dud, because there was a 3 hour rain delay and my dad got a sore throat. 
We did have a great dinner at Linger, which I’m so happy my parents enjoyed!  They left the Saturday before Mother’s Day, and that morning we went to Sassafras, which was a great breakfast place before heading to the airport
At the rainy Rockies game
 On Mother’s Day I picked up my friend Andrea for the Mother’s Day 5k at City Park.  This was the 4th time of done this race, and I truly enjoy it because I know exactly what to expect. This was Andrea’s first competitive race and we both had a great time.  If I recall we had good weather, and the atmosphere of this race is always nice. 
Mother's Day 5k
 We had a fun night out in the middle of the month with one of Chris’ old co-workers Matt and his wife Karen.  We’ve gone out on a handful of double dates, and they are a super fun couple.  We went to eat at the EDGE and then to see Ron White.  Chris actually introduced me to Ron White who’s a comedian when we first started dating.  We had a great seats, and it was super funny show!
Chris & I waiting for Ron White

Denali playing with catnip that my MIL found in our backyard!  The cats love it!!!
 Over Memorial Day weekend Chris’ parents were in town.  Mary my MIL has a super green thumb, so her and Chris went crazy in our backyard.  We got a ton of plants, herbs, and a whole new garden going in our 3 gardening pods on the side of the house.  I myself don’t have a green thumb whatsoever, but I did plant some pretty things in one of our planters in the front of the house.  We had some nice meals, and we took them to the improve comedy show at Impulse Theater which is always fun.
Chris & Mary shopping the plants

This is my contribution

Getting ready to do some major gardening!

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Emily Foley said...

Parents are the best! It's so nice to have them visit, isn't it?