Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Catch Up: June 2013

June, you guessed it.  Another busy month. 
The first of the month started off with a garage sale!  I’ve been planning a garage sale in my head for years, and moving into the new house was just a reason to actually do it.  Chris wasn’t really on board, so we had a wager for the garage sale.  If I didn’t make at least $200 never again would we have a garage sale.  If I make more than $200 dinner at a restaurant of my choice…which now that I think about it, hasn’t happened yet!  Because of course, I won!  We made almost $400!  I didn’t know it until the week of the sale, but Friday’s are the day to  do a garage sale.  But ours was only “open” on Saturday.  I definitely think we could have made more; Chris kept telling people “whatever you can fit in your car $5”.  So they knew we would be cheap on offers.  For me it wasn’t that much work, but I did spread out the planning and prepping, so I think that helped.  Afterwards we took what was left to Goodwill, and it felt great to get rid of so much stuff.  We now have a fairly empty basement.  Hopefully one day, we’ll get to that (furnishing it, and filling it that is)!

Garage Sale success!

Just a pretty collage I made my Dad for Father's Day.
 Mid month we traveled to Albuquerque.  We had two big family get togethers.  One was my cousin Kyle’s wedding, two was my cousin Nikki’s baby shower!
The view of the mountains from my parents house in ABQ.

Chris & I having fun at the wedding.

Chris wearing my headband.  So pretty!
 Kyle married his HS sweetheart at the UNM Alumni Chapel, and the wedding was beautiful.  My mom did a reading as Kyle’s godmother during the ceremony, and Chris (the bride) wore my headband from my wedding!  She looked beautiful!  I was so happy that my headband got to be worn again.
The Happy Couple: Chris & Kyle! <3 br="">

Nikki's baby shower!

My cousin Nikki is currently due any day now (seriously her due date is 10/1)!, but with all of us in Albuquerque, it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate her pregnancy with a baby shower!  Nikki’s mother in law threw the party the day after the wedding and it was perfect “girl” time.  My cousin Kari did the fabulous cake, and the rest of the shower was filled with all things that Nikki loves!  Nikki is expecting a boy, and she was so gracious for the outpouring of love and gifts.  It truly was a fantastic celebration!  Plus, who doesn’t love to spoil a new baby!

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Emily Foley said...

I hate garage sales but I love earning money and getting rid of stuff. Necessary evil I guess!