Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ 100 days and counting!

Can you believe how quick time has gone? I’ll officially be married in 100 days! Chris is quickly realizing how fast time is going and jokes by saying “Well, we’re getting married tomorrow!” And at times it truly seems time is going at super fast speed, and soon tomorrow will be here!

So much has been done.

We’ve started the search for wedding bands.

I had my hair trial run.
I have majority of the favors done.

Majority of the invites have been addressed.

I’ve purchased all supplies needed for our Guestbook/Table numbers.

We had our official engagement pictures taken.

I went and tried on my dress!

That was quite an experience! I’m being very selective about who see’s my dress prior to the big day, so I was very thankful when my HS friend Sarah agreed to come with me, with her adorable little almost 4 year-old daughter Chloe. Something I will tell you about my dress is that the dress I tried on back in January had silver stitching on it. When I looked at the details of this dress and the options available it read “White/Ivory” for the actual color of the dress and “Silver/Ivory” for the color of the stitching. I immediately had the vision of the ivory dress with ivory stitching. My vision was more classic and romantic compared to more modern, which I feel the silver stitching created. So that’s what was ordered. Needless to say I was extremely anxious and curious to see my dress with the ivory details. I may be biased, but the dress is beautiful! I won’t go to the extreme and say it’s completely different dress compared to the one I tried on in January but the look is just different. My vision of more classic and romantic came true and it’s beautiful!!! Even more surprising is that the dress fits like a glove!!! Back in January when I got measured I was between a size 16 – 18. I ordered a 14. Obviously not a big stretch, but a risk. So it was a huge relief when I was able to get it on! The goal of course is to eventually get it taken in, and alterations won’t start until the middle of August, but there is a weight lifted knowing that if I don’t lose any more weight, the dress will indeed fit!

My dad and I selected our “father/daughter” dance. And we’ve selected the “in-law” dance.

I’ve ordered bridesmaid jewelry, along with vases and our set for the Unity Sand Ceremony.

Chris strudding his stuff in the "fashion show"
 On Thursday we went to a dinner event at the Chateaux, and it was nice to see the space set up for an actual reception, and get to use the space.  We also got to spend some time in their outdoor area.  We hope that our weather will be good enough to have our cocktail hour outside, so it was great to actually go outside and see it, since in the past when we’ve been it’s always been way too cold!    

We had fun in the photobooth!
My biggest headache of the month has been wedding day transportation. Neither Chris or I are from here and we don’t have any family here. So we have a lot of people traveling from out of state for this celebration. With the hotel(s), church, and reception site all in different locations, I really wanted to be able to provide transportation to and from all of the event locations. Unfortunately it just got to be too much. Too many people, too many hours, too much money. Really, why didn’t we just get married in a hotel, and none of this would be an issue?! Thankfully everything is really close to one another and some hotels do provide a shuttle if someone needs a ride back to the hotel after the reception. The other big mess is finding a reputable limo company. I did a ton of research and called a ton of places, then would look at reviews and read horror stories. It was extremely frustrating. But on Monday we booked a limo for the bachelorette party and transportation for Chris and I, our families, and the bridal party for the actual wedding day. I found Denver Limo, a good place with an "A" rating through the BBB and at a good rate. So glad that headache is gone!!!

Another big thing that I kept going back and forth on was the whole videographer thing. I’m super happy that we decided to go with Shutterbliss Cinema. We got a promotional rate on top of a group discount and am really looking forward to working with them! There work is top quality, and it’ll be a great piece to share with friends and family who aren’t able to be there.

The work group that I’m in recently hired someone new and it’s been fabulous because she’s getting married 2 weeks before I am!!! We talk wedding all the time, and it’s been so nice to have someone to talk to who’s going through exactly the same thing! We get to bounce ideas off of each other and cheer each other on with we get to cross something off of our “to do” list! She booked the same videographer, which is how we got a “group discount”! And I hope to do the same with lighting.

There is still lots to be done, but truly we could get married tomorrow and have everything major taken care of to have a fabulous day!

100 days!!!


Nikki said...

DANG, April!!!!! You have been busy. I was exhausted just reading all of this preparation stuff you've been doing.

I love you and I can't wait to see it all put together on your big day!

Anonymous said...

Ah burst my bubble. keep an eye for a package in your mailbox and you'll know why. I wrote the message in your card last night. You'll see the coincidence...

Emily Foley said...

This is so exciting! You're so close. I am DYING to see your dress! Also, your picture of the wedding band makes me jealous, I never got one. I'm hoping for our 20th anniversary.

Summer said...

Good heavens! Look at all the fun stuff! I thought invitations were the worst. Good luck with a wedding band! For all 3.5 months of my marriage, I've desperately wished for one. As for Tyler's wedding band, he lost it 3 weeks into the marriage. :/ needless to say, he doesn't get a new one.
Hair if VERY elegant! And I cant wait to see the dress!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG . . . I am beside myself. Totally speechless and full I mean really full of tears of joy.

Can hardly wait til Wednesday.

God's Blessings are so abundant!!!
His love so overwhelming I am bursting with happiness for all of us.

Love the very, very proud MOTB!!!

Rachel said...

!!! oh, so exciting! everything sounds perfect and awesome, April. :-)

sarahlove said...

You could be a hand model! PRETTY! Cute up do! :)