Monday, June 25, 2012

week 2: no cheating

 Chris and I at Boulder Falls
 You know when you are watching some sporting event and the winner is “best out of 7 games”. It’s game 3 and team A is up 2-0, and all of a sudden team B makes a comeback. I’m pretty sure it’s because team A gets cocky. They think “oh, we’ve got this.” They get a case of “big head syndrome”. The effort and focus wasn’t there like it was in games 1 and 2. Now obviously this is just my theory. But you see instances when the underdog comes and takes the win out of no-where. And usually that’s because it’s the underdog that’s more consistent and more focused. They know they are the underdog and only have a fair chance of winning, so they work that much harder to achieve victory.

I unfortunately got cocky. After my week 0 results, I thought “I got this.” “I can do this.” And now week 1 and 2 have kicked me back to where I belong. I’ve gotten the reminder that this is hard, that this plan has no wiggle room. That I am on a pretty tight schedule.

We’ve been busy the past couple of weeks. My food hasn’t gone to complete crap, but I’ve had slip-ups. Last Saturday 6/16 I met my friend/co-worker Cathy for a run at City Park. Because of that I didn’t make it to the gym for a weigh-in. I did go to the gym this past Saturday though, and stepped on the scale. 183. No gain no loss. I was really hoping to get back in the 170’s. But no luck. It was the kick I need to re-focus and keep up with the consistency of this diet.

The weekend was a hot one. Literally. We were in the triple digits Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And the forecast shows triple digit heat set for today and tomorrow. So to help cool off we went up to Nederland, CO (about 20 miles west of Boulder) on Saturday to go for a hike. The “cool off” was only in the high 80’s, but it was nice with the sometimes breeze that we got.

The summer is definitely in full swing and I know the season is going to fly by! Time to kick the weight loss into high gear!

Hiking Lost Lake Trail (unfortunately we never found the lake)


Emily Foley said...

Pretty hike! Way to go, friend. Keep up the hard work!

Anonymous said...

I love hiking and this looks beautiful.

I went to the dietician today. It was very successful. So I am back on track also.

We'll just keep on plugging :)

Love ya bunches, MOTB

Rachel said...

great pic of you two :-)

sarahlove said...

Gorgeous way to spend the weekend!

'It doesn't matter how many times you fall, it's how many times you get back up.'