Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wedding Wednesday ~ the rest is just details

The details are slowly coming together. Within the last couple of weeks I’ve done 46 more wedding favors (with the help of my future mother-in-law, Mary!), ordered wedding postage, and put the deposit down for my “girls” hair and makeup. I’ve also secured the restaurant and reservation for our rehearsal dinner.

I think one of the big pro’s of having this planning time is the ability to shop around. I requested quotes from about a half a dozen restaurants in regards to the rehearsal dinner. With the actual wedding festivities taking place up in Broomfield (a northern suburb of Denver) Chris and I knew it would be a fun and different atmosphere to host the rehearsal dinner in downtown Denver.

My original thought was to have the dinner be at Maggiano’s. It’s right downtown, good food, fun restaurant, but I didn’t like that it was a chain. So I did some more searching and looking into places unique to Colorado and located downtown. Wow, I got some outrageous quotes! The rehearsal dinner is obviously more intimate, and ideally I want it to be more fun and laid back. Not too say that the wedding itself won’t be fun or laid back, there will just be a lot more people and the atmosphere itself will be completely different. In total we’ll probably have about 24 adults and 4 kids at our rehearsal dinner, and some of the quotes that I got were for a MINIMUM of $4,000!!! Isn’t that just crazy!? That’s more than $130 a person! Insane if you ask me. Thankfully I do my research and I shop around, and looked into having our dinner at Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza in the heart of the ballpark area! This restaurant is unique to Denver, we’ll be getting our own private dining room, pizza, salad, chicken wings, antipasto, and dessert all for less than $1000! Another major perk with this place is I’ve taken my parents here, and my dad really likes it! It isn’t your normal pizza place. It’s a little bit different and unique, and I’m thrilled to be having our rehearsal dinner here!

I’ve also decided on my Guestbook/Table numbers. These will be another DIY project and hopefully done in July!

The biggest news of the week came Monday night when I got the call from Amanda’s Bridal letting me know that my (yes, MY) wedding dress is here!  I've been waiting for this phone call and I'm so happy that it is here! I’m super anxious to see it…as the dress I tried on had silver stitching and I changed it to ivory. My hope is that the ivory makes it a little bit more classic looking. I have two weeks to go try it on, make sure I still love it, and pay off the balance. Alternations won’t start until the beginning of August.

My big “To Do’s” for the month of June are to finish the wedding favors, decide on videography, and start getting quotes and plan out the details for day of transportation. The idea of transportation just gives me a headache, and honestly I’ve been putting it off. I know that majority of our guests (specifically family)will be traveling to Denver…we’ll have people coming from, NM, NE, RI, CA, just to name a few. I’ve got hotel blocks at 3 different places, with 3 different price points (that what etiquette says to do), and I want to be able to provide transportation. In addition to that the wedding and reception are in two different locations. Luckily everything is within a 5 mile radius, but thinking about the timing and everything, UGH! The ceremony starts at 4pm, what time should people get to the church? I have no clue!?

Another thing I keep going back and forth on is whether or not to get a videographer. When I was in Albuquerque in April for my Bridal Shower I asked my super tech-savvy cousin if he would shoot video of the wedding. He said yes, but then I found out later that there’s a chance he won’t be able to make it to the wedding. I really like the idea of getting a videographer, specifically to shoot our vows, and some details of the reception, but to get something I would really like the cost is more than $1000. And I just can’t decide if it is worth it?! I love the idea of getting a video so I can share it with family and friends who aren’t able to come (from getting quotes, a lot of places will put the video on a website to share a link), and to pull it out in 10+ years to show our kids. I’ve also read lots of reviews that the one big regret lots of brides have is NOT getting a videographer. I just don’t know. What are your thoughts? To video or not to video?

Countdown is 4 months!!!


Summer said...

holy heck! I suddenly feel like my wedding planning was a snap.
I sometimes wish I had videod the reception in Abq, but then I look through the pictures and I really feel like a good photographer was enough. Don't know about the vows though. Tyler's dad recorded us getting engaged, and I LOVE that video. So...basically I am no help at all.

Emily Foley said...

I would guess people would need to be at the church by 3:30, so depending on how far away the hotels are, I would schedule transportation for 3 or 3:15. It never hurts to be early but it would be awful if they were late.

I don't have a professional video of our wedding but my sister-in-law took lots of video of the night before the wedding, the day of the wedding, and the reception, and I LOVE IT. I am so grateful that she did it (I hadn't asked her, she just did it on her own) and I love watching it. LOVE it. But that same sister-in-law paid over $1000 for her wedding video and I would say it's 100% worth it. If you don't get a pro, at least have a close friend or family member shoot as much footage on their own as they can and put it on a DVD for you so you have at least SOME video. Pictures are nice, but sometimes it's fun to see the way people were walking, the faces you were making, etc. You know?

Holy cow on the rehearsal dinner! We just had a BBQ at home the night before so I must be cheap. I don't think I'd pay that much money for a dinner, but I would guess etiquette would be that you do. I bet it's going to be amazing! Great choice.

Your dress! I'm so excited for you!!!