Sunday, June 3, 2012

BolderBoulder 2012

 Last Monday I got up early and headed to Boulder for my second ever 10k race, the BolderBoulder.  Compared to last year I wasn't ready for this ready.  I wasn't really ready in any aspect; emotionally, physically, mentally.  But I did it anyways, and for me that itself was a big accomplishment.  Emotionally I just wasn't ready to run 6.2 miles, physically I'm 13 pounds heavier than last year, and mentally I was not in the state of mind. 
The night before I didn't sleep well, so I got up not wanting to get up and prepared to say good-bye to Marty, Mary, and Alice and head to the bus to get to Boulder for my 8:40am start time.  It was to my big surprise when Chris got up with me, and told me he was going to join me to cheer me on!  Completely unexpected and 100% welcomed.  We said good-bye to his family, and headed out the door.  We got dropped off in Boulder right at around 8:20am and was perfect timing for me to find my wave and have Chris follow me to the start.  Chris got the below picture of me at the start, and it was a great feeling knowing I would see him at the end. 
The first mile wasn't easy, as my music wasn't working on my phone, and I let that irritate me a little bit too much, as I was worried I would have no music at all during the race.  And the thought of no music just messed with my mental state.  So during majority of the first mile I was fiddling with my phone trying to get it to play music.  Once I started mile 2 I had music and felt more prepared.  Although I knew my pace wasn't what it was at compared to last year.  Like last year, they had all of the same entertainers, water slides, marshmallow throwers, Doritos's, and beer along the way.  The other big difference comparing this year to last year was the heat.  I remember last year it sprinkled a couple of times throughout the race and was cool.  This year it was hot.  And I definitely think the heat effected my pace as well.  I had also forgotten how much of this race is through residential areas. 
After crossing the finish line at 87 minutes (7 minutes added from last year) I felt happy that I did it, and happy to find Chris and go home. 


Emily Foley said...

Congratulations! You are awesome, April!,,,,

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. Congratulations! You should be so proud that you did not give up on yourself. It takes a lot of discipline and guts to do what you did.

We are all proud!!!

Love ya, MOT-B

sarahlove said...

You are really incredible! :D Even though you didn't want to, you did it and in the end? HAPPINESS! It is so much easier to quit but you just DON'T.

Summer said...

You're so cool. I can barely get myself to run on a treadmill, forget getting up on a saturday to go!

Tammy said...

Awesome job!! You're definitely an inspiration!!