Thursday, February 23, 2012

the return of: ~all kinds of crazy~!!!

so i gotta say i'm really enjoying reading
"the hunger games". i don't know why i resist
all of these books that my friends recommend.
but wow, they are SO creative.

i make some awesome


a new love of mine is riding
the shuttle bus to/from work
along the 16th street mall.
because i get to pass by the spot where
chris proposed.
gives me goose bumps every single time.


why does peeling an orange
have to be so messy?


for my bridal shower we're going to do a fun fact/q&a
thing about me, and chris, and me and chris.
any fun facts and/or questions you can think of that
i should list?


it's taco thursday!


denver restaurant week
is back!


i need to vacuum.


i'm so over the snow.


did anyone notice the fun
ticker at the bottom of
the blog?!



Emily Foley said...

I envy you for your first Hunger Games reading. It's so good!

I don't eat oranges for the sole reason that I despise peeling them. My kids won't eat them because I never gave them to them when they were little. Sad, because they're delish.

I'll have to think of a question...nothing off the top of my head.

I hadn't seen the ticker! So cute!

Anonymous said...

I am soooo glad you told us to look at the bottom . . . to discover your ticker. Thank you.
So cleaver and just love it.

Couples question: What is their nickname for each other?

I can tell you I'm pretty sure April didn't invent it!

I'll try to come-up with a few more.


sarahlove said...

I noticed the ticker days ago but forgot to mention it in my comments! Time is ticking..... ;)

Anonymous said...

This couple loves shopping . . .
What are they both into?

Hint April's mother is Not!!!

Love ya and can hardly wait for the games to begin!