Tuesday, February 7, 2012

wedding planning 102

alright friends and readers, advice seeking in regards to the wedding registry. this is one of the wedding "to-do's" chris and i have on our agenda for the month of february.

the etiquette books say to register at two to three places. chris thinks that more than one is too much, i think two is just right, and that three is too many. but i keep going back and forth on this. right now we have plans to register at both macys and target. although i kinda like the idea of also doing a registry at a more "specialty" place, like crate and barrel. what are your thoughts?

secondly, what do we register for? now i do have some items in mind, and i'm sure we'll find things to register for and come up with a good list. but we are both in our 30's and have the bulk of what it is that we need. we even have two of a lot of things since he moved in.
plus, i think registering will be hard. we obviously won't be in this house that i bought for forever, and i can't help but think that i'll want to register for items that will be used in the future. but that seems silly, because then those items will just go unused until we do move. and what if when we do move that the items i selected don't fit right with the house? so even though it seems like a good thought in theory in the long run, it couldn't be that great of an idea and end up just being a waste.

so any ideas you have please feel free to share and provide your input!


Milena said...

I think 2 or 3 places is ok, just for the diversity of items.
In regards to what you register for...remember this is a new start for you guys, this will be both your stuff, so maybe keep what you both really love and donate the rest to a women's shelter. Maybe register for something you've always wanted or maybe replacing your older pots and pans?

Emily Foley said...

I registered at only one place and I'm still kicking myself over it. If Chris feels like 2 is too many, I probably wouldn't do 3 but 2 seems about right--just feel each other out and come to a nice compromise.

As for registering, that's the FUN part! Before you actually register, visit the places you want to register at and get some ideas. Do you want an all-white place setting that can go with any decor, do you want a specialty place setting (like for Christmas)? Or do you want china with fancy wine glasses? You get to register for ANYTHING YOU WANT! It's so much fun! Get a nice set of flatware for special occasions, a beautiful vase and matching pitcher, register for sheets and pillowcases for the guest bedroom. Just go look at first and get some ideas, then make a list of things you want that you don't already have (do you need a new blender, or want a crock pot? etc.) and then have fun!

Peg said...

Look at it this way - if you don't tell people what you want then you are going to get 6 hand mixers and 5 sets of towels. I didn't register anyplace and yes that's what I got!

Sarah Zook said...

Two is good, I think also. Unless Target has changed their return policy, I would have never registered there when I got married. It was a PAIN in the ARSE to return anything unless it was on your registry. Ugh. NOT to rain on your parade, this was just my experience with Target Wedding.

I agree with previous posters. Register for anything you want; replacements or new. These are things you will hopefully have for a long time so do it up! :) Maybe register for things you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself. A waffle maker? A cake pop maker? :)

Crate and Barrel is super fun. Lots of very pretty things. If you want to, go there!

Make a day of it and keep it relaxed! Talk about what you think you guys might want and I imagine you'll see something you didn't know you needed...but before you start shopping, get some lunch. Makes decision making a LOT easier....speaking from experience. HA! LOVE YOU GUYS!! HAVE FUN!!!!

Anonymous said...

So dido on the above but I think
4 is just right!!!

And as long as your register for
things that you want. I know you have lots of things because you have been setting up house now for quite awhile. But if you and Chris go shopping at your favorite places and put together a wish list then hopefully you won't get 3 hand mixers!

Hope it helps,, love ya miss ya

sarahlove said...

I am not the person to ask this advice. We registered for nothing. Our circumstances were different though because we were about to move across the world- AGAIN. I think Dear Abby would say: It's better to have more than not enough.