Friday, September 30, 2011

The Places I've Been: KS

Chris and I returned from our Nebraska trip on Sun. 8/28. The Wednesday morning that we returned Chris got a phone call from his mom with news of his great-grandmother's passing. She was a 103. With that the weekend plans were canceled and were back on our way to Nebraska.
Thursday afternoon we picked up Chris' uncle John at the airport to join us on our drive to Kearney. That Friday we drove with his dad and sister 3 hours south to Ellsworth, KS. His mom drove down with two of her brother's.
This is my trip to Ellsworth, KS.
driving into NE...again
The drive down to Kansas is all country, and a lot of the area is where Marty grew up. So we took a couple of behind the scene's drive of farming and lots of corn and lots of dirt roads.
Once we arrived in Ellsworth we went to Chris' grandmother's farm house. Included are a donkey and some chickens.

The trip was a good one, given the circumstances. I got to meet majority of Chris' mom's extended family.... I got in some good bonding moment's with Alice and got to see small town USA. I've never seen this part of the country, and to see these town's that don't have more than 1,000's just so interesting. Small town, literally.
Most of you mentioned that being on a road trip with someone makes for a situation of getting to know someone real fast. And to be honest Chris and I have gotten to know each other super fast. If you think back when we went camping back in June at that time we had only been dating 3 weeks, and were on a 3 hour car ride to Wyoming. We've had many a good conversation on our long car trips.
I feel so fortunate that the trip to KS happened. Although no planned, I got to spend more time with his parents, and create more of a comfort with his whole family.
jog/walk 35min


The Local Tourist said...

Hello, have you ever considered taking the Great American Road Trip to Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills and Rapid City? We are only 5 1/2 hours away!

the emily said...

I like Kansas. Unique beauty, plus how cool is that old farmhouse? Sad situation but fun trip.

Nikki said...

Sorry to hear about his grandmother's passing. 103 years of life, is amazing! Glad you had a nice trip, and you were able to meet more of Chris' relatives.