Monday, September 19, 2011

The Places I've Been: NE

when i came back from albuquerque in july chris and i sat down and talked about our trips for the rest of the year(mainly when we would go "home"). we decided we would go to his home town for thanksgiving and my home town for christmas. we both had hopes to meet the respective families sooner, but time just wasn't on our side.
well come the beginning of august i get a call at work from chris "i spoke to my dad this morning, and he really wants us to go to nebraska sooner than thanksgiving." now i knew that marty (chris' dad) was anxious for me to meet the rest of the immediate family: chris' mom and sister, but we had plans and agreed that it would happen in november for thanksgiving. but realizing that importance to marty chris and i decided we would drive to kearney, nebraska on thursday 8/25 which was the weekend we were set to go camping. (and now we are set to go to NM on 9/30)
chris and i started the 5 - 5 and 1/2 hour drive thursday afternoon and got into town around 8:30pm. his dad was sleeping (he works early early morning) so we were greeted by his mom (mary) and his sister (alice).
we relaxed and enjoyed the humid air out on their patio.
Kearney, Nebraska

on the drive: eastbound I-80

the trip was a good one. very relaxing with his parents taking turns showing me pictures of chris' childhood and driving around kearney.

his parents are hilarious. so funny and quick with a comeback. we get along great, and i am really looking forward to introducing them to my mom, as she'll fit right in!

on friday night we went with his sister miniature golfing.

alice, chris, and iduring the day friday we took his mom lunch. his mom is a deaf interpreter at the local middle school. i had me some runza for the first time. unfortunately this food didn't sit too well with me and gave me an upset stomach in the middle of the afternoon while we were walking around menards. if you like ground beef, cheese, and onion this would be your thing.

having a runza for the first timesaturday night we put on our sunday best for a fancy dinner.

me, marty, chris, and mary
saturday during the day we went this archway that goes over I-80. it was very interesting. it's a museum that talks about the history of the interstate, as it was the first one to go coast to coast east to west.

the trip was great and the drive was boring...little did we know that we would be making that same exact drive again in another 4 days...

it was great to meet chris' family. it makes this whole relationship that much bigger...that isn't really the right word, but hopefully you know what i mean. i now know so much more about chris. where he came from and how it created who he is today. his family is awesome and we got along great.

treadmill 15min/core 30min


Nikki said...

I love it! That looks like such a wonderful trip, and his family seems so inviting. Yay!

sarahlove said...

Taking a road trip is the perfect way to get to know someone because it forces you to talk. But more than that it forces you to be content with 'the silence'.

You did the trip twice?! Must not have been that boring! ;) Kidding aside, hope everyone is well. <3

the emily said...

When Dave and I had been dating for a couple of months he came to visit me at Christmas, and we drove to Phoenix to meet his brother and sister-in-law (and his parents surprised us there, so I met them too). Then we drove from Phoenix back to Provo for winter semester. It was a long week and we got to know each other the very best on that trip. It was so fun! Also, love your blue maxi dress.