Sunday, September 18, 2011

new (not so good) record

had you asked me earlier today when the last time was i worked out i would have told you about 2 and half weeks ago. well, while getting ready to write this blog, i looked. the last time i worked out was august 25th...THREE and a half weeks go. holy cow. not good, not good at all.
have i had the chance to work out?, yes. i'm not going to beat myself up about it. i'm living life, doing a lot.
but what i learned today when i did go to the gym is that i miss it. i miss my friends. walking into the gym i immediately saw annabelle and her family, then greeted by liz who works at the front desk, she immediately commented on my lack of attendance at the gym, since it has been so long since she had seen me. while waiting for one of the studio's to open for master step i then saw diane, justine, tina, and stacie.
lately when there was a chance to go to the gym i think i was more focused on the actual workout, then the social aspect and seeing my friends. going today was a great reminder of the life i almost forgot that i created and all of my gym friends.
chris and i are officially now living together. and i have so much to update. that was our project last weekend, was going to his apartment meeting movers, and cleaning. right now it is all about trying to get organized. this coming weekend we have some of chris' friends visiting from NE. so i spent today cleaning and getting ready for our visitor's.
right now i'm trying to wrap around my head the fact that i'm no longer making it to the gym 5 days a week. a huge part of me feels really disappointed that i've let this part of my life take second stage to what used to be such a huge priority.
but then i look back and think about all of the hard work i've done, and what i was hoping to truly get out of this experience once everything is said and done.
and that's love.
and that's exactly what i have.
so i can't beat myself up too bad. although i think i do have to spend more time in the gym that what i have been. going almost one month without a workout just isn't acceptable. i've also learned how going to the gym effects my mood. i'm all over place and up and down. it isn't pretty, and i feel bad because it is chris who gets those repercussions. i'm so lucky that he's patient with me and understanding.
i realize i still have so much more to update, but i just wanted to get this off of my chest so that i can do some regular updates.
more to come!
master step 60min


Nikki said...

You have had a whirlwind lately. Not a bad thing at all. Once the whirlwind settles a bit you can start on a nice routine for you and for Chris :). I am happy for you!

the emily said...

I'm glad you're so happy!

One word of advice: don't give up the things that you did before for a relationship. Once you let it slide, it's very hard to get back. I know from experience--I'm not trying to make you feel bad at all, I'm just saying that you should keep doing the things you did before you met Chris, and he should too. It's awesome to be together and have a happy relationship. It's also great to have some time to yourself! :) Sounds like you know that anyway.

sarahlove said...


Not working out is the pitts. If I could work out every single day. I totally would. By the way. I ran a mile today!!! :/ Don't beat yourself up though- move forward and go back to the gym! :)

I second what Emily said. You should still do things for yourself. You are still you with or without Chris (not being rude just being honest)!!

SUPER HAPPY for you!