Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Two Trips

Over Christmas my childhood friend Michelle offered to throw me a Baby Sprinkle.  So we picked out a date and made it official, for the end of February.  Then I figured if I was going to make the drive to Albuquerque, I may as well take advantage of the airport in town, and fly somewhere.  Denver was the easiest choice.  So we made it a girls trip and packed up me, my mom, and Helena and headed to Denver.  My main motivation was to see Andrea and Grayson.
So last Tuesday Helena and I drove to Albuquerque.  I got to have a nice late lunch/early dinner with my cousin Kari.  It was great to see her.  Then Wednesday we flew to Denver.  Helena did really good on the flight.  We had difficulty with the car seat at the car rental that was a mess, but finally got it installed.  We stopped by Andrea's and picked up a pack 'n play they so graciously let us borrow.  We then went to a fire station to get the car seat installed correctly, and the firemen were super nice and they let Helena and my mom go back and look at the shiny new fire truck!  We then went downtown to have dinner with a couple of old co-workers.  It was fantastic going to a non-chain restaurant and enjoy good food and good company!  I loved it.  I knew I missed the food options but actually being there made me jealous that there are all of these options right at other people's finger tips.  Helena did really great.  It was a little rocky once we got to the hotel, because she knew she wasn't in her element.  And I had prepared for a not so smooth night.  We set up the pack 'n play, gave her a bath, and made sure she was super tired when I put her down.  She did wake up in the 11 o'clock hour (and she did the same the next 2 nights a well).  Thankfully each time she did wake up she just needed to be comforted, and then she would go back down and sleep the rest of the night.  The next day we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel then met up with Andrea and Grayson at the Broomfield Rec Center for some swimming!  Lately Helena has been "swimming" during her bath, laying on her belly and making bubbles.  It's so much fun, so I was excited to take her to a pool!  After the pool we got ready and went up to the play area in the rec center.  The play area is an area where Andrea and I used to take Helena and Grayson when there were just itty bitty crawlers, and to see them now is so amazing!  After the rec center we had lunch at Mad Greens, and I dropped off Helena and my mom at the hotel, for Helena to take a nap.  I then went to go see Erin for an eye-brow wax.  We then went to Flatirons Mall for Helena to play at the play area and for dinner at the Village Tavern.  It was a good day.  Friday we got up early and met Chendra for breakfast at the Huckleberry Tea House.  Chendra was Helena's babysitter, and I really wanted them to see each other.  After breakfast I went to Dance Jam at the gym!!!  Man oh man, I miss that place, those people, that energy, so much!  It was a blast.  After the gym we went back Andrea's house to drop off the pack 'n play and hang out with Grayson a little bit longer before heading to the airport.
Overall it was a great trip.  It was short, although I did that on purpose because I was really only willing to sacrifice two bad nights of sleep.  Plus it was a good farewell trip, as I honestly don't know when I'll be back to Denver.  It was a great opportunity to take while Helena is free to travel and plus I know that traveling with one child is easier than what it will be with two children.
I miss Denver and what it has to offer, but I've met some great people in Alamogordo, and this is where my life is (for now).  I truly pray that one day we'll be back in some sort of metropolitan city, and I know that I won't take it for granted.

  Saturday was a beautiful little Sprinkle thrown by my wonderful friend Michelle.  It was a really nice get together, and I'm so thankful for all of those who came.  Baby Boy Sweat got some great stuff!  And I'm finally feeling a little more prepared for this little dude.
Planning for two trips was crazy, and a lot more stressful than I had anticipated.  But I'm so happy I did it and that I took the opportunity to go.


Andrea Ryall said...

We miss you already and hope this future metropolitan city is Denver or somewhere awesome we can easily come visit!

Emily Foley said...

I was so happy to get to see you and spend a little time with you. Your Helena is just a doll. She is so smart and talks so well, especially for her age! I wish she and Finn could've played together. Looks like a fun weekend for you!

Gourav Gupta said...

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