Saturday, February 1, 2014

So Excited!

Larimer Square - Downtown Denver

Civic Center building - Denver, CO

Empire State Building - NYC


I'm so excited for tomorrow!  The Broncos are going to the Super Bowl!  I'm definitely what I would call a band wagon fan.  I didn't really get into the Broncos or football until I moved here.  Prior to living here I never really followed the NFL.  I would definitely watch the Super Bowl, but the Denver Broncos are the first team I feel invested in.  I remember the first home Bronco game after I moved here.  It was August 2002, and I drove down to the stadium prior to the game, just to see it fill up with people.  At the time the stadium was Invesco Field at Mile High.  The stadium is located right off of I-25 and Colfax, in the heart of Denver.  I drove down with all the Bronco fans, and I called my mom with chills being so excited to just be near all the energy coming off of the stadium.  At that moment my loyalty to the Broncos definitely increased. 
Since then I've gone to a total of 1 preseason game, and 4 regular season games.  And like the energy from just driving by the game day field, seeing a game live is such an event!  I love any event  live, but Denver Bronco football live is just amazing.  From the sky divers landing in the stadium,  to yelling "IN-COM-PLETE" every time the opposing team throws an incomplete pass, it's just so much fun.  And well if the game is fun, entertaining, and ends with a win, that's the icing on the cake!
I've definitely become a much more invested fan since meeting Chris.  He's been a loyal Bronco fan since the John Elway days.  He's taught me so much about the game, and with my new knowledge it makes watching the games so much better. 
And now we're going to the most watched sporting event in the world: THE SUPER BOWL!!!!  It feels very reminiscent to when the Colorado Rockies went to the World Series in 2007.  The energy throughout the city is intense.   Everyone is showing their team spirit.  You seen orange and blue and "Go Broncos" signs everywhere.  It's pretty much all you hear about on the news.  It's definitely the main topic on my Facebook wall.  The main topic of discussion is "the big game".  It's so exciting.  Bronco fever is everywhere.
I am by no means a professional sports person, but I of course do have my thoughts on tomorrow's game.  We're going up against the number one defense, with our number one offense.  It'll be an entertaining game, for sure.  I predict it'll start out with a couple of 4 and out's from both sides, until a good rhythm gets established.  So I think the beginning might be a little boring, before the true excitement starts late in the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter at the latest.  I hope that we get on the scoreboard first, but I'm not too positive either way.  But I think once a team as points on the board, is when the true momentum will really pick up.  I think the Broncos are a more seasoned team.  We have more seasoned players compared to Seattle.  I think for both sides this is a positive and a negative.  Peyton Manning is a quarterback through in through.  He expects his offense to protect him, and in his mind his one and only job is to throw the ball.  He is your textbook quarterback.  I think this is good, because he will get the job done, and will get it done well.  However, there are times when a quarterback does need to run with the ball.  This is where having a seasoned quarterback that is prone to injury hurts us.  Peyton has no desire to run with the ball.  Fine, that's not his job I get it.  However this is a pro for Seattle.  Their QB will run with the ball if need be.  But at the same time, I think he runs with the ball a little too much.  I think he needs to work on the basic foundation of what a good quarterback should do: throw the ball.  Peyton uses his whole entire team: pro.  The other dude tries to make it a one man show: con.  You can't win a Super Bowl by yourself.  I've hardly spent anytime watching the Seahawks this season, this is just my extremely small observation watching the small glimpse of their last playoff game against the 49ers.  So take what I say about them with a grain of salt. 
Another hurdle I think the Broncos will have, is that the Broncos get cocky.  And well, that's just unattractive.  I think that's why we lost the 3 games that we lost this season.  We were cocky, went in with the expectation that we would win and we didn't put our all into the game.  The other team prepared better, and wanted to prove that they could bet us.  They played better, and it was too late for us to come back.  So the other team ended up being the better team, and won.  I think for the most part we are favored for tomorrows game, I just really hope we don't go into thinking "We've got this in the bag."  Tomorrow's game won't be easy, and I think we have a lot to prove before we can rise up and declare being the number one team in the NFL. 
Regardless of what happens I'm truly proud to be a Denver Bronco fan, and I think going to this event has done a lot of positive things for our city.  Of course, I hope we pull a big fat W at the end of this, but if not, the team itself as done a ton of growing in the 2 short season's we've had Peyton as our QB.  I know there will definitely be some growth come our next QB, and hopefully we'll establish the growth back to the top because being part of a Super Bowl bound team is a helluva a lot of fun!


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