Monday, February 24, 2014

just some random stuff

roses from my love

i tried to take a picture from the top of the roses (and yes that's my huge baby bump!)
Not too sure when I became the person that doesn't take pictures.  But I have indeed become that person.  Chris and I had a nice Valentine's Weekend.  When I got home Friday 2/14 I had beautiful violet colored roses waiting for me, along with a super sweet card in which Chris wrote to his: Forever Valentine.  Sometimes I still have to pinch myself.  Not too sure how it is that I got so lucky.  Chris as been absolutely fantastic throughout this pregnancy.  But I think I'll save all of that for another post.  He got home early Friday night, and he opened his gift from me.  His favorite item was a personalized tie clip with his initials that I ordered off of etsy.  On the back of the tie clip it says "Forever and ever", which is also engraved on our wedding bands.  "Forever" on his, "and ever" on mine.  Saturday 2/15 morning I went and got my haircut.  Last time I got my haircut was last March, which for me is forever...11 months.  Usually I get a cut every 3 or 4 months.  So I just decided to chop it off.  It's the shortest it has been in a long time, but still can go back in a ponytail.  While I was out getting my haircut, we got a security system installed on the house.  This helps give me peace of mind while Chris works night, and knowing that soon we'll have another little human to protect.   Saturday afternoon we checked out Costco, which my dad generously bought us a membership for.  We had joined Sam's Club last year, and didn't really like it.  Costco is much better.  Saturday night we had a nice dinner at Vesta Dipping Grill.  This place seems to have become our go-to restaurant when we have something to special to celebrate.  I love it.  We've been there a handful of times, and out of all of the times, this was the first time the service wasn't 5 star, so that was disappointing.  I really meant to get a picture of us at the restaurant, but I just forgot.
Last week was somewhat eventful.  On top of the overwhelming feeling of being pregnant and preparing for baby a lot of other things have been going on.  It's difficult to talk about just because I don't feel it is my place.  I'm learning that just because I'm an open book that somethings need to be left alone.  I hate to be cryptic, and who knows maybe one day I'll write about the "other things" but right now isn't the time.
I had a discussion with my boss last week about my upcoming maternity leave.  This process has definitely been stressful.  I work for a company that employee's 30,000 people, and I feel like I'm the first pregnant lady calling HR trying to figure out my leave.  I've called 4 different times, spoken to 10 different people (easily) been on the phone for more than hour each time, just go get 10 different answers.  Thankfully my boss put me in contact with an actual HR person, who was able to answer my questions.  I would think it wouldn't be that hard.
I went to the dentist today.  Not a good idea.  About 20 minutes in, I got dizzy and super hot that I started dripping sweat down my face.  I had the dental hygienist stop and bring me back up.  Got some water and cooled down.  We tried again, and I got a pillow to put underneath my butt.  But I only lasted another 10 minutes.  Needless to say, I won't be going back to the dentist until baby is born.  Big super kudos to Shelly (my dental hygienist) who just called me to check to see how I was doing!  I love this dentist, and have been seeing Shelly for the past 6 or 7 years.  I'm so thankful she was empathetic.
Lastly, we got Baby Sweat's crib today!   


Summer said...

Cute bump! Are you getting maternity photos done?

Oh, laying on my back killed while I was pregnant. Kudos for trying.

April said...

Yes, Summer I'll be getting photos done beginning of April.

Emily Foley said...

Laying on your back is the worst when you're pregnant! Sorry about that!

I TOLD you you would be able to tell you were pregnant. Cute baby bump!

I hope everything is okay with your "other things".

Sweet husband!