Friday, February 14, 2014

ABQ Baby Shower

yummy cupcakes

beautiful flowers

sonogram frame

craft station for the onsies


mom and i
I traveled to Albuquerque this past weekend for my first (of two) baby showers.  My mom first mentioned a baby shower back in October, and wanting to throw it during the holidays.  I thought a Christmas baby shower was too soon, so we decided on the beginning of February.  We first set the date for Super Bowl weekend, but once I realized it was such an important weekend, the shower got moved to the following Saturday. 
I knew I wanted the theme of the shower to match the theme of baby’s room: You Are My Sunshine.  My mom did a beautiful job.  When I arrived at my parents house Friday morning my mom already had a huge layout.  Baby onesies everywhere, yellow flowers, and big yellow balls.  I asked her: “Do you know someone having a baby, or something?!”  Needless to say, my mom is beside herself glowing in soon to be grand motherhood. 
We did some errands Friday morning, finding a perfect (clearance) scrapbook, and picking up cupcakes.  We finished decorating the house Friday afternoon, and everything was set to go for the 12noon baby shower the next day.
Saturday morning my dad picked up chicken salad sandwiches, and my mom made the drinks.  The rest of the food was provided by my aunts. 
As the guests and the food started to arrive I couldn’t help by feel so blessed.  On Thursday Baby Sweat and I had a conversation about this trip, and how we were traveling just for him/her.  How he/she is already so loved, that we’re going to this party for just its honor. 
The shower itself was laid back.  We ate, and chatted, and people shared their thoughts on what they think Baby Sweat will be: boy or girl.  My mom had a little craft station for people to decorate a onesie and that was really the only activity.  Other than opening presents of course!  My goodness, baby is spoiled already!  I got lots of great stuff, including lots of diapers and wipes. 
The big surprise was Chris’ arrival after majority of the guests had left.  Chris surprised me!  It was great to see him especially since our weekends are really our only time see each other.  I was so excited to see him, hug him and kiss him!!!  After everyone left we went to church then to dinner, for an early anniversary dinner for my parents, who will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary on Saturday! 
The next day was spent organizing all of the gifts.  I brought a large suitcase to fill, and we were able to bring home all of the cloth items, in addition to some books and other things. 
Overall the weekend was fantastic.  It is still very surreal to me that this is happening, but I’m definitely enjoying it.


Summer said...

You are going to love it. Don't listen to everyone about how horrible it is- it is SO fun. A little bit horrible, but fun. By they way, I'm guessing your little angel is a girl. ;)

Love that bassinet!

I need an update- how is your third trimester going? How was the second? What is your worst symptom?

Emily Foley said...

Oh man, your family went all out! I love those flowers and the theme. What a great day. So sweet of Christ to surprise you too. Your dress is so fun for a shower too, perfect!

Funny that Summer guessed girl because I'm guessing boy!

Gina said...

I love that bassinet! Where is it from? Do you know?

April said...

Gina - sorry for the delayed response. I'll eventually do an whole post about the bassinet, as it has a really long history. My grandpa got it back in the 1940's in Montana.