Thursday, December 19, 2013

all kinds of crazy

am i the only one to write out my outfits
before i leave for a big trip?
i haven't read a book since june.
how sad.
have you any of you heard of a nation wide Target scam?
i googled it and just found something about a text scam.
but i heard on the radio this morning like 30 million people got their credit card numbers scammed from Target.
i was at Target on Saturday.
why is our postal service so horrible?
i shipped my god-daughters Christmas gift monday morning 2 day priority.
the tracking shows "in transit" with a delivery date of yesterday: 12/18/13.
i love the Christmas transformation of everything:
my house, decorations everywhere.
Christmas lights.
the spirit of the Lord is truly everywhere!
it totally feels like a friday.
Chris is on his way home!
he got an earlier flight.  he was suppose to be home tonight at 8:30pm.
but now he'll land at 3:30pm
i totally should have vacuumed last night.
i always cry in church when i sing
Christmas songs.
specifically "joy to the world".
i'm making corn casserole
for Christmas Eve dinner.


Summer said...

It DOES feel like friday.
Good luck on your big trip- where are you headed?

Peg said...

I would post my list of clothing but it's to long! I list everything that has to be done and packed before we can leave. I worked with a guy who had an excel spreadsheet of everything they owned and then would pick and choose from the list to pack things. See you are normal...ish.
I ordered something from Khols and it said it delivered last Wednesday and I still haven't seen it.

Emily Foley said...

I have to write out outfits or else I way overpack AND I usually end up with a shirt that doesn't have anything to go with it or vice versa.

I heard about the Target scam too, I've been twice in the past two weeks, darn it.

I think the USPS is normally pretty good but Christmas time it's probably impossible to honor specific days with the number of packages being shipped. I got 5 packages yesterday, and I'm just one person!

I am the same way with Christmas songs. I cannot sing them! Especially Joy to the World and The First Noel.

April said...

Summer - just to ABQ for Christmas. not too exciting, but am really looking forward to seeing my family.