Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas 2013

So much to catch up on!  I had a super relaxing Christmas break.  I didn’t think about blogging or anything really “work” related, but now I feel so behind.  Here’s a messy recap of my Christmas 2013.

I truly enjoy having a Christmas break.  A big blessing in working for corporate America is the last 2 weeks of the year the office is pretty vacant.  So I’ve made that my new normal since working for this sales group.  I love it, and really enjoy all my time off.  My last day in the office was Friday 12/20. 
Saturday 12/21 was nice and leisurely, packing, and cleaning up the house getting ready to depart for Albuquerque.  My cousin Cheryl coincidentally booked the same flight, so she met us at our house, and we took the bus to the airport.  We were on a later flight out, so the airport wasn’t too crazy, and made it to the gate with plenty of time. 
Our week in Albuquerque was sorta a blur, but some strong highlights definitely stand out.

The first is Chris’ relationship with my parents.  Specifically my dad.  Chris and my dad have this amazing son-in-law/father-in-law relationship that seems to be out of a fairy tale!  Something I never thought would happen.  To see their relationship grow since that first Christmas we were home as an engaged couple two years ago is such a blessing.  Chris and my dad can just hang out and enjoy each other’s company.  It’s a difficult dynamic to describe especially if you don’t know my dad, but I’m so thankful for their relationship.  With various outings scheduled and Chris getting sick during our stay, Chris stayed behind at my parents house a lot without me there and it was so nice feeling comfortable leaving him with my parents!

Melting Pot dessert

 I enjoyed a nice leisurely dinner with my girl cousins, at our 8th Annual (can’t believe it’s been 8 years since we’ve been doing this!) Girl Cousin dinner at the Melting Pot.  Nikki wasn’t in attendance this year, as she’s a new Mom taking care of her baby boy in Nashville, but she was sorely missed.  The dinner of course, was fantastic, and catching up with Kari and Cheryl was a blast.
the Christmas tree in Old Town.
 During our stay I got some valuable one on one time with my friend Michelle.  My oldest and dearest friend, we went to lunch and walked around Old Town.  It was great to hang out with just her, and catch up on life.
This is my favorite nativity.  It's beautiful frosted glass, or something like that.  Heavenly.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was so enjoyable and relaxing.  My mom has a stationary bike, so throughout our stay I was able to get in a few workouts.  Christmas Eve we just hung out, and mom and I cooked our sides to bring over for Christmas Eve dinner at my Aunt Patti’s.  That afternoon we opened up presents, and I truly got spoiled.  Chris gave me a beautiful cross bracelet, and a necklace and earrings set with white and black diamonds.  A huge surprise!  I’ve never felt so spoiled.  My parents got me a “fancy” new camera (we have lots to document in the new year!) and a long sleeve Bronco’s shirt. 
After the presents were opened we went over to my Aunt Patti’s and had a wonderful dinner.  It was great to see so much of my family.  We had an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest that my mom won!!!  We had a gift exchange that ended just in time to head to church. 
the Cross Chris gave me

River of Lights

River of Lights

Mom's Ugly Sweater!

The Ugly Sweater parade - Uncle Jeff....

...Chris (Kyle's new bride)... Mom....

...Aunt Kathleen.

Baby Sweat's first official Christmas book
Christmas morning we woke up and opened gifts from Santa Claus, and took our time getting ready, before heading to breakfast at my Aunt Michelle’s. 
One of the biggest blessings of this trip was feeling baby Sweat move.  I had been anticipating this moment, and was hopeful it would happen in Albuquerque during Christmas.  And that’s exactly what happened! 
We had a fantastic breakfast and lots more family time. 
I can’t remember when, but at some point we went to go see “American Hustle”.  It was just ok.  There are lots more movies out that I want to go see.
My parents were welcomed to the 21st century with a tablet and smart phone.  Both of which we tried to teach them how to use. 
We did some shopping and of course lots of eating.
I had a nice long leisurely lunch at Dion’s with Michelle, Emily, Jess, and Jill.  All High School friends.  It was a great time.
My friend Michelle had a get together at her house, with both her and her brother as host.  We had a great time, and hung out with a  sweet 8 week old little girl!
We got to Skype with Nikki and her little boy Luke on Christmas Day, which was a fantastic touch to the day!
My mom and I spent an evening walking around the River of Lights at the Botanic Gardens.
Baby Sweat got his/her first Christmas gifts.  A beautiful stork from somewhere in Europe (courtesy of my Aunt Patti) and a beautiful cross to hang in Baby Sweat’s room from Grandmasita (what my mom has decided to call herself). 
My mom also bought a couple of baby books to read to the baby.  We read “The Night Before Christmas” …the night before Christmas, along with “Santa is coming to Albuquerque”. Honestly, the baby really enjoyed being read to.  Each time my mom would read to the baby he or she would definitely respond with some movement.  It was a joy!
It truly was a wonderful Christmas week.

I spent a lot of time this Christmas Season reflecting.  Thinking a lot about past Christmas’, and what’s to come in future Christmas’.  But I also tried to stay present for this Christmas.  Be thankful for my family and for my husband.  To treasure this time as we get ready to become a family of three. 

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Emily Foley said...

I love Christmas at home! It sounds like you had a really great break, I'm so happy for you. It was so nice to see and talk to you in person, it's been too long! I wish I could have gone to Michelle's the next day, I haven't seen Greg since high school.