Monday, December 16, 2013

Hope Chest & Otis

Random post ahead:

I don’t consider myself a crafty type of person.  I’m not very handy with household things, or DIY stuff.  I don’t think I’m inventive in the kitchen, although I am getting better.  I think it is fair to say I get this trait from my mom.  My mom is the same way.  Growing up my Aunt Patti was the crafty one.  Always making me and my cousins Halloween costumes, making me try different foods, taking us out to do crafts etc….  My in-laws are like my Aunt Patti, and I’m so thankful for that!  Mary my mother-in-law is super awesome in the kitchen along with Grandma Mog.  Grandma Mog at 80+ years old she still crafts!  Sewing us beautiful pillow covers, both her and Mary made us a huge beautiful quilt for our king size bed.  She’s made us Christmas ornaments and decorations.  I’m amazed by it!  She’s even making baby Sweat’s curtain for the baby room!  Her brother (Chris' great uncle) made us this beautiful hope chest for our wedding.  It’s been at my in-laws house for the past year, and Chris and I rented a large SUV at Thanksgiving to transport it back to our house!  I love it!  I’ve never owned a piece of handmade furniture.  And to know that it’ll grow with us and our family is so heartwarming.  It’s big and made of wood, and the smell when you open it is amazing!  I love it!  So thanks to my crafty in-laws for all of these amazing things you have brought into my life.

with stuff in it already.

view from our front door.

Subject change.

Otis got a hair cut a couple of weeks ago.  His hair was a mangled mess.  The cats eat Purina cat food, which I read a long time ago is good for the hair, and Denali’s coat is beautiful.  Shiny and soft.  And for a long time so was Otis’.  But lately if just felt gross, and definitely not shiny.  So I figure a good wash was in order.  But what happened was a shaving.  I thought he was going to get his hair groomed.  A nice bath, and brush over.  When Chris picked him up from the groomer he called me and just laughed.  Poor Otis.  He looks so small.  Otis is not a social cat whatsoever, so I was little bit nervous that this outing would leave him scarred for life.  But he was the normal talkative cat when I got home, and was totally fine.  Denali on the other hand.  She didn’t like this.  I’m pretty sure she thought Otis was a different cat.  She grumbled and hissed every time Otis would walk by.  Thankfully her hateful reaction didn’t faze Otis one bit.  If anything Otis is milking this for all it’s worth.  Getting more cuddle time, and sleeping on our bed.  It’s pretty funny.  Denali as mostly adjusted, but she still sometimes hisses at him.  But at least now they can be on the same room or lap together!


Summer said...

Does his coat feel softer now? I've heard (from my hubby) that shaving sometimes changes the way fur grows.

Emily Foley said...

Hand made furniture is the best. My brother in law does that and I always wish he'd make me something, :)