Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

my official "I Voted" sticker
I voted last Monday.  If you have the option to vote, I hope that you vote too!

After I cast my ballot and was walking to turn in my card and get my "I Voted" sticker, which was handed to me by a woman easily in her late 70's, she asked me very excitedly "Is this your first time voting?!"  You could tell she was so excited at the potential of handing me my very first "I Voted" sticker, she was immediately disappointed when I responded "Oh No!"  But I was definitely flattered at the thought that I could look like I'm in my late teens/early twenties!
But that comment got me thinking about how many times I have voted.  I unfortunately have never voted in a local election, just the presidential election.
In 2008 I voted early at the same place I voted at this year.  I don't remember voting in 2004 but I know that I did.  I vaguely remember going to vote with my ex-boyfriend.  2000 was the first year that I voted.  I'm pretty sure I've voted early every time, and have never actually voted on election day.  I remember going with my friend Kristin in 2000, there was an early voting place off of Tramway and Central in Albuquerque.  I can still picture how it was set up. 

Last Monday when I voted I immediately called my friend Michelle.  I remember discussing political issues with her 4 years prior when we were in Chicago, and feeling so strongly for Barack Obama
I don't know what it is but I always feel so empowered when I cast my vote.  It is definitely a good feeling knowing that my voice has been heard.  So please make sure your voice is heard too, and rock your vote!


Andrea Lane said...

One of these years you should go vote on Election Day! Talk about feeling proud and empowered!! Can’t hate on the early vote though…. Just vote one way or another! FORWARD

Emily Foley said...

My place didn't have stickers! Lame. My first vote was in the 2000 primaries but I missed the general election because I didn't get my absentee ballot in time and I was at school. Go Romney! :)

Anonymous said...

I so loved, loved this Blog . . . So proud and privileged to ba an American.
Yes, power to the people for we are so blessed.

This blog was so elegantly spoken and wish it could/should be published!!!

Love ya,, MOM