Thursday, November 1, 2012

~all kinds of crazy~

my Halloween candy, yes I do plan on eating every piece!
we only had 3 different groups of
trick or treaters last night.


the blog got a
what do you think?


i really like to say the word


what's the difference between


15 days until


People call me
all the time.  Not too sure how those name's sound like "April"
but whatever.


Where does the word
come from?


One thing I hate about this time of year are the super cold mornings, but
nice warm afternoon's.
It's a drag having to carry my large winter coat home.


I guess I should have planned my wedding to be
the first Friday of November.
Because tomorrow looks to be beautiful.
I'm not bitter or anything.



sarahlove said...

I had zero.

Blog makeover is very clean and simple- I noticed right away!


They are spelled differently.

I'm excite for you but have no idea what that means! I will guess... tv.

Better than the wrong Sarah.

Honey is the sweetness of marriage and moon is how long it will last.

Earmuffs help instead of a coat!

No. Because then some of your east coasts guests wouldn't have made it because of them storm!

Peg said...

I actually did some research on the gray, grey thng. One is the England spelling and the other is the new world spelling.

Try a scarf

Love the new look

Anonymous said...

Love "Sweatin' It OUt" and noticed you where still reading MockingJay! And love (always have) your sequential order of your Blog!!! Breaking Dawn II I am looking forward when it hits cable this summer. Rachel v Eva v Ann!!! But so glad you where always ahead of Super Storm Sandy!!!

Your First Dance yes Dance Lessons/Practice was noticed.

Keep givin' Wedding Pics for our Fix!!!

Love, MOM

Emily Foley said...

I think honeymoon is that the first month after your marriage is the sweetest (honey is sweet, a moon cycle is one month).

The Brits are weird. That's the difference between grey and gray.

I'm struggling with Breaking Dawn part 2. It looks so bad!

My boys hate bringing their coats home too but it's 18 degrees when we leave in the morning and 70 when they get home. What are you supposed to do??