Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free Lunch

I love me some free lunch! Today at work they had the "2nd Annual Picnic on the Patio". It started at 11:30am, and was on a first come first served basis. I saw the sign for it yesterday, and got excited. At my old work location I had free lunch about once a week. ...Center events, contests, etc...we got free lunch a lot. At my new location, this is the first free lunch I've had-well technically the second(my boss bought me lunch once!). I enjoy free lunches, well because they are free. I'm super cheap, and I'll take something if it is free! I also enjoy them because it is one day I don't have to plan for my lunch. With my new weight loss journey, I plan all of my meals. I write out every single meal I'm going to have Monday-Friday and put it up on my fridge. So I already had a lunch meal planned-but again, I can't pass on a free meal! I left my desk at 11:32 to go down and get my lunch. I didn't really know what to expect, where it would be, how many people would be there etc... Once I get down to the lobby I see it is all set up right outside of the main entrance to the building. And their are a LOT of people. I start walking towards the end of the line-the line goes all the way to the other end of the street. And I see people that I know. Old co-workers, and new co-workers. Then I see 2 of my old bosses. One of which is a very charismatic man, very loud, even though he is small. It was wonderful to see him, because I found out recently he was on a leave of absence because his cancer came back. I'm not too sure what type of cancer he has, but it is heartbreaking to see a man like this have a disease like cancer. So sad. Please keep him in your prayers. But it was great to see him. It immediately warmed my heart. To see his smile, his newly bald head, and to give him a hug. Free lunch and an old co-worker/friend. It has been a good day!

P.S. Thanks to my beautiful cousin Nikki who showed me how to make my page pretty!

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emily said...

LOVE free lunch. awesome.