Friday, September 23, 2016

Helena 2yr, 4 mo

My darling daughter is growing up way too fast.
I feel like she's changing daily.  At her two year doctor appointment the doctor was a little concerned with her lack of growth, both height and weight, so we went at the beginning of the month to check on her.  And she is thriving!
She's 2 feet 11 inches, and 25 pounds.
She's such a little girl.  Lately she has been testing my patience like no other and many times I have to just walk away, but God I love her.
We transitioned her into a "big girl" bed last month and it went super simple.  I'm always so surprised at how easy each transition is.  Naptime is sometimes a little rough, but bedtime is easy.  One of the things I love most about her being in a full bed is it has given me an excuse to check on her at night.  Once we moved here we stopped checking on her at night because she is such a light sleeper and her crib was right by the wall with the door.  And she would wake up just by opening the door.  I like to check on her just to see how's she sleeping, and there have been a few times where she opens her eyes, but I look forward to that part of the evening every night.  She usually gets herself up anytime between 7 and 8 and she'll come into our bed.  Depending on how tired I am I'll usually get up with her, or she'll come up in bed with me and watch TV.
She's talking.  Oh boy is she a talker.  And she gets so frustrated when she can't communicate fully what's going on.  She's just start crying, I image it is frustrating.  A few nights ago she woke up at 10:30 crying and I went into her room and held her and asked her if she was ok, she responded: I'm ok.  I would ask what's wrong or what happened and she doesn't say anything.  Then I ask her if she's ready to go to bed, and she says No.  Then I just tell her it's time to go to bed and put her back in bed.  The biggest news is she's pretty much in the process of potty training herself!  It's insane.  Chris is the one to give her, her nighttime bath and she'll usually say she needs to go potty so Chris will put her on the potty.  Well last week for the first time she actually went potty, and has gone potty two more times.  Then just today I was working on putting away laundry in our bedroom and Helena was entertaining Bennett who was in his crib after waking up from his morning nap and she comes into our bedroom naked from the waist down telling me she went potty.  I immediately think she went on to floor somewhere, but in Bennett's closet is a Minnie Mouse potty I got awhile ago to help with potty training.  She pulled it out and went potty!  And since then she's used it one other time.  I'm so impressed.
Yesterday while driving I telling Helena my laundry list of things going on in my head in hopes that getting it off of my chest would help me sleep (I haven't been sleeping very good) she says to me "Mom don't talk to me in the car!"  It made me laugh.  She'll randomly tell me she loves me and that I'm "bootiful".  In fact if she sees me with makeup on or actual clothes she'll automatically ask "Mommy and Daddy go on date night?"  She gets so excited when Bennett roles over.  And her interaction with Bennett is amazing, she makes him laugh like no one else does.
I have to say that this stage is the most difficult (plus having a baby in the house) but also extremely rewarding.  She goes unphased by my freakouts and when she sees me crying she'll come up to me, hug me and say "it's ok mommy".  She wants me and only me to put her lotion on after her bath.  Not too sure how I got into this habit but once I put her down I take my finger and stroke the front of her head...down her forehead to the tip of her nose, and Helena calls it "hush".  So now when I read any nighttime book she'll do "hush" on all of the characters and it's so precious.  She also will cuddle and take care of her baby dolls just how I take care of Bennett.  Or if Bennett is super upset I'll hold him and say "calm down" and sometimes when Helena is upset she'll tell me "calm me down Mommy".  She rarely shows signs of jealously from Bennett which is nice and in a weird way tells me I'm doing something right.  There are a few times when she tells me to put him on the floor but not a lot.  Or sometimes she'll get frustrated at Bennett if she's crying and he starts to cry.  She tells him "hey baby Bennett I'm crying".  But overall she really is an amazing big sister.
She can count to fourteen and still does the same ABC's: "abcd hij lmnop wxy and z".  She loves to sing twinkle twinkle, and rock a by baby.  She can list colors but you ask her what color something is and everything is "blue".  She's asks every morning "where's daddy?" and "are we going to a friends house?"  If the doorbell rings she immediately says "my friends are here!".  She loves to be outside and  I can't wait for the weather to cool down to spend more time outside.  We've been going to a music class all month and she really enjoys it.  She sees ultrasound pictures from either when I was pregnant with her or Bennett and she says "we go to doctors office".  I could just go on and on.  She has a crazy good memory.  She loves to look at pictures on every bodies phone and in July when my friend Michelle was here she saw pictures from my baby shower in February at Bobbie's (Michelle's mom) house, and Helena immediately said "Bobbie's house".
She's just so much fun.  I wish I could record her.
I love her and am so blessed to be her mom.

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