Monday, November 30, 2015

Helena at 18 months

she got herself into the bathtub!
I'm super behind and feel like I will never catch up on life over the past 60 days, and I have so much I should be doing right now, but I feel like I must document what is going on in my beautiful daughters world right now, before the time passes and I can't remember.

As always Helena is such a joy.  I feel bad when I have my moments of not being patient or cursing or just getting frustrated when she doesn't listen, because she truly is an amazing little toddler.  There I said it, my baby is a toddler. 

She had her 18 month check up:
She's a tall 32 inches and a light 23 pounds! 
Still in size 3 diapers, and I feel like her size 18 month clothing is going to be the shortest duration out of all of her clothes.  I did put her in a 2T outfit over the weekend, and it was pretty big on her, so we'll see.  I know she has at least 12 teeth, and we'll be going to the dentist in the new year.

She's saying new words every single day.  Some of the latest: "dark" "lights" "down" "book" "crane" "truck" "duck" "bzzz" for a bee "tickle".  That's all I can think of for now.

Her latest thing is "please" and "thank you".  Right now everything is either "milk" please please please please. "up" (to get up on the bed) please please please please. "up" (to get out of her booster seat) please please please.  Basically if she wants something it's please on repeat until she gets it. 

She'll say please automatically without me prompting, or if she doesn't say please, I'll just give her a look, and she knows to say it, or I'll ask her "what do you say?". 

Thank you on the other hand is totally different.  She'll only say thank you when I tell her "say thank you".  Specifically after I get her her milk or after I lift her up onto the bed, I'll say: "say thank you" and she'll say thank you.  I'll also prompt her to say thank you after I say "bless you" after she sneezes, and after she's done with her bath, I'll say "say Thank you Daddy" (Chris is the one to give her a bath).  And she'll say thank you.  However she won't say thank you when someone compliments her.  Which is rather annoying, since people are constantly complimenting her.  Someone will say how cute she is and I'll say to Helena "say Thank you" and she doesn't say anything.  It's frustrating because I know she can say it, but for whatever reason she won't.  So we're working on that. 

She's obsessed with everything owl.  She has a little owl blanket toy that goes with her everywhere (it was sheer panic when I thought I lost it the day we moved, thankfully it was found after unpacking!).  And "owl" is often on repeat.  So now we have an owl nightlight (after she broke her cow one) and Chris even got an inflatable owl that we light up at night with the Christmas lights on the house.  If we are out and about and sees an owl, she'll point it out immediately.

She loves to give hugs when I'm in the kitchen cooking.  She'll hug my legs super tight. 

She loves to throw things in the trash. 

Everything is up up up.  Even when she wants down.  If I'm holding her or if she is up on the bed she'll say up up up.  I'll correct her and say "no you want down" and she'll say down. 

She still kisses anything and everything.  Her latest thing is to kiss your cheek before kissing your lips.  She'll kiss one cheek then move your head to kiss your other cheek.  And she'll say "cheek".

She knows where majority of her body parts are.  Belly, nose, eye, ear, hair/head, hands, fingers, feet, toe.

She also loves babies.  She sees a picture of a baby, or a baby on TV, or a baby when we are out and about she immediately goes "baby baby".  Even if we see a infant car seat, she'll say baby.  She knows mommy has a baby in my belly and now likes to kiss my belly.  Last week we were at the OB office getting my 3-hour glucose test done which is in the same office as the two pediatricians in the town, so we saw lots of babies. She saw one that was 7 days old, and I could tell that one made her nervous because it was so small.  ...even if she sees a toddler/kid older than her, she'll refer to it as a baby. 

She loves to play peak a boo.  The cutest moment ever was when she was playing peak a boo with a piece of spaghetti.  She would put the noodle up to her eyes, then open her eyes move the noodle and say "boo!".  She gets so excited!

Our biggest challenge is still eating.  Lately she just won't eat at the kitchen table.  I thought maybe it was the highchair, so we put on a booster seat on one of the chairs, but she still won't eat.  She'll take a bite maybe two before saying "up up up".  Once I take her out and put her on the floor and she's walking around, if you offer her food she'll eat it right up.  So that's how she's eating right now.  Either while we are at the kitchen table and she's walking around or after the fact we'll just bring the food out into the living room.  And before you know she's eaten her entire meal.  I know she's hungry but she will not eat at the table.  I have no idea what to do with this.  I'm really hoping that it is a phase and she'll eventually want to sit down and eat with us. 

She went completely unphased by the move.  Which I am thankful for, but sad that she won't remember her first house, especially since I miss that house immensely. 
Life is good with my beautiful daughter.
sitting in her booster

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