Friday, September 11, 2015

new milestones

her first ice cream cone over Labor Day weekend
Helena is growing up so fast.  She’s super tall and looks so kid-like to me!  She loves to give me cuddles and when she does I’ll hold her with her head in my arms and cradle her like a baby and say over and over again “Are you my itty bitty baby?!”  It’s rather annoying for Chris, but I love it.  She’s becoming more and more independent with her eating habits.  And majority of the time refuses to let us feed her.  So she feeds herself and sometimes food actually gets in her mouth.  She’s also officially off of the bottle.  Over the past couple of months or so she was still having a nighttime bottle, but we gradually decreased the milk and now she goes to bed without it!  Her nighttime routine now consists of bath, getting ready for bed-lotion and pajamas, bedtime reading, then she says good night to Chris, I take her in the rocking chair and cuddle with her for a little before putting her down.  She still sleeps through the night!  On occasion (maybe once a month?) she’ll wake up and not put herself back down, during those nights I’m not too sure what to do with her! 
She really truly loves to be outside.  And is so incredibly loving.  She signs “cookie” almost instantly once she is put in her highchair.  She’ll also signs “milk” when she wants milk.  I have no idea what to do with her hair.  If I leave her hair down it covers her entire face!  Part of me wants to cut it or at least trim bangs, but part of me doesn’t want to touch it because that’s her hair!  She loves, loves to give kisses to anything and everything!  
She's a really good listener when she wants to be, still loves peek-a-boo and dancing!  She always wakes up happy and that makes me so happy.  When she sees a little baby, she'll point and say "baby".  She loves to run and climb, and a couple of weeks ago went down a slide with no coaxing from either Chris or I.  She'll sometimes scream bloody murder when we try to change her diaper first thing in the morning.  Who knows what that is about, but it is no fun.  She loves to read.  
She's such a joy and I love her.

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