Sunday, August 16, 2015

15 months

A lot is going on!  I feel like we are in the middle of summer and doing lots of fun things,...and I feel so behind on blogging...again.  As I think about recapping the past couple of weekends I want to document Helena's 15 month well visit that was on Friday.  The doctor is super happy with all of her developments and I'm proud to report she contiunes to be a happy and healthy baby!  We are blessed!

Weight: 20 pounds 8 ounces (39th percentile)
Length: 31 inches (65th percentile)
Head: 46 centimeters (59th percentile)

Helena is truly a doll and loves everything.  She loves to give kisses to anything and everything.  She is so loving. 
She still super happy in the mornings and when she wakes up from her nap.  Going into her room and seeing her so happy is a happy part of my day.
For the most part she's a good listener.  I've found that she listens best when you ask for things nicely and politely.  If you are harsh with her, she'll most likely ignore you.
Overall she's a good eater although gives challenges at times.  Her best and biggest meal of the day is breakfast.  Although sometimes she'll surprise us and eat a big snack at 5pm, then a full dinner at 6:30pm.  She prefers to fed herself and we're working on using utensils. 
We're currently working on taking away the nighttime bottle, and if I had to guess she'll be rid of it by this time next week. 
She's growing more and more confident in her walking skills and even runs! 
She loves to dance and laugh, and her favorite place to be is outside.
Her favorite word is cookie.  She constantly signs the word "cookie" when we put her in the highchair (that's to Grandma Sweat!). 
She can say: Mama, Dada, hi, bye, hello, happy, baby, bubbles, ball, purple, I do, and make noises.
When you ask her what a doggie says she'll say "woof", cat "meow", cow "moo", and tiger "grrr". 
It's pretty amazing.  If you ask her to say something, regardless of what the word is she'll usually at least attempt to say it back.
She usually wakes up for the day between 7:30am - 8:30am.  Have some milk and breakfast, then a snack around 11:30am, before nap time at 12noon.  Her average nap is about 2 hours.  Once she gets up she gets lunch.  Then a afternoon snack around 5pm, then dinner at 6:30pm.  Nighttime routine starts at 7:30pm with a bath, then reading, then down for the night usually around 8:15pm.
She's still in size 12 clothing, size 4 shoes, and size 3 (sometimes size 4) diapers. 
We are so lucky to have her!

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Emily Foley said...

She's growing so big! I love all the things she can say. The changes that happen in just a few months are incredible!