Thursday, July 16, 2015

more visitors!

The Sweat household has been extremely busy!  Let’s break it down.
My in-laws arrived Friday 7/3 and left to go on a Western Colorado vacation (they visited Steamboat Springs and Aspen) on 7/6 and 7/7.  They came back to our place on 7/8 and left Friday 7/10.  My parents arrived Thursday  7/9 and left Monday 7/13.  PHEW! 
The photos are extremely out of order! 
Lovely dinner!

We all went out to dinner and had a great time.  Helena loved all of the attention!  This was the first time Helena has had all 4 of her grandparents at the same time!

Friday morning was pretty casual as we awaiting my parents, and I went to the doctor for my back (more on that later).  After Helena’s afternoon nap we ventured out to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  We got there around 4:15pm, just to find out they close at 5pm.  But the last 30 minutes of the museum is free so we just hung out until we could enter at 4:30pm.  The museum has an amazing “Discovery Zone” just for kids to run free!  So that’s where we took Helena for 30 minutes.  Afterwards we went to dinner at LoHi Steakhouse.  It was just ok.  The perk was its location near Little Man Ice Cream! 
@ Little Man Ice Cream

@ Coors Field for a Rockies game

Saturday morning we went to a nearby library where a symphony was playing just for the little kids!  It was a lot of fun and Helena got to play with lots of musical instruments!   
After her nap it was downtown to Coors Field for a Rockies game!  It was SO hot and we were right in the sun that we only watched 3 innings before going inside (thankfully we had club seats!).  Helena had a blast walking around saying Hi to everyone!
Out and about with Grandpa (they were chasing two rabbits)

playing the piano

Sunday morning we went back to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to actually explore the museum!  It was a lot of fun, and we of course ended the visit back at the kids Discovery Zone for Helena to run around some more!
Sunday afternoon we went to the pool! 
Monday morning we to Carpenter Park where Helena playing in the swing and for some reason was afraid of the slide…she’s gone down in before!  It’s so nice taking her to kid friendly places where she can truly just wonder and I don’t have to be too concerned or worried about her getting into something she shouldn’t get into!
having fun on the swing!

Discovery Zone

Discovery Zone

Discovery Zone

Mythical Creatures Exhibit at the DMNS

at the pool

she loves the water!
One of the things I love about this age is for the most part Helena is predictable.  She has her one nap that is usually taken around 12noon so our days are split up into “morning” and “afternoon”.  It makes outings so much easier because Helena as a schedule!  I love seeing her soak everything in!  It’s so much fun seeing her see things for the first time.  
Her latest development is dancing.  You ask her dance and she'll shake her little bum and it's the cutest thing you ever did see!


Summer said...

Maybe it's just the face, but she looks like such a spirited little girl. I can just imagine her getting into all kinds of trouble! She has this look in some of your pictures that I swear TJ gets when he is being mischievous.

Summer said...

Also, I am super missing that predictability right now. I totally took it for granted, but it was so nice to know what to expect every day. That is such a happy place to be in!

Emily Foley said...

What a fun summer you're having! I love the pictures!