Monday, April 13, 2015

11 months

Rockin' the one sock.

We've had an extremely busy month with lots of visitors and firsts, but first things first.  We got to document Helena's 11 month birthday.
Helena was at the Urgent Care yesterday so we got her weight: 18 pounds 5 ounces!

Here are some highlights as of late that I want to remember:     
  • Smells like fresh cut wood after a full day of playing (specifically when she’s been outside)
  • Says “Uh OH” “woof” “meow” “baa”
  • Loves to dance.
  • Claps when you say “good job”
  • Waves “bye bye”
  • Her laugh is the most joyous sound in the world.
  •  Always wakes up super happy.  
  • Loves chicken and seafood.
  • Starting to use a sippy cup for water, and can get water from a straw.
  • She figured out how to open the kitchen cabinets.  Our kitchen is now baby proofed.
  • She’ll stand accidentally.  Once she realizes she is standing she’ll squat herself down.
She’s officially in size 12 month clothing.  Packing away and putting up her 9 clothes was really hard on me.  Harder than the other transitions.  The year as gone by crazy fast and to think of my daughter as a toddler and no longer a baby is crazy because she’ll always be my baby.   

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Emily Foley said...

It is so weird that my baby is bigger than yours! She sure is a cutie!