Tuesday, April 21, 2015

a long time ago

Their bond is so special
 I have so much to catch up on!  So let’s go back to last month when my mother-in-law and grandma-in-law were in town.  I love it when family comes to visit.  For me it is like a sigh of relief, because I know they will help out and care for Helena.  Having the extra help and love is huge and I appreciate it so much. 
Mary and Grandma got to town on a Sunday and left on a Thursday. 
She loves her Grandma Sweat!
 It was a great week!  Mary is making Helena a super cute outfit for her up and coming first birthday, so we went fabric shopping for that!  I was able to cook while Helena was taken care of, and see the joy she creates with her grandma and great-grandma! 
Giving Great-Grandma kisses!

for the LOVE!
 That Thursday night Chris woke up with some horrible stomach pain around 11pm, and when he told me it wasn’t like a normal stomach ache I immediately said “that’s not normal, that is your appendix”.  He brushed off my diagnosis and was up the rest of the night violently throwing up and groaning on the floor.  Finally at 2am he told me to take him to urgent care.  Once we were at urgent care and Helena was happily awake and Chris was hooked up on some drugs and getting blood work, we went back home around 3am.  Thankfully Helena took a bottle and went right back to sleep.  Around 5am I heard from Chris and wasn’t surprised when he told me they were transporting him to the hospital to get his appendix removed!  So Friday morning he was in surgery.  I spoke to the doctor and she informed me that a normal healthy person can get their appendix removed and can usually go home the next day.  But Chris had missed his morning dose of pills for his epilepsy so she wanted to keep him over night.  Thankfully everything was ok and Chris was discharged Saturday morning.  That afternoon we took Helena to meet the Easter bunny and play at the crawling area at the mall. 
playing after meeting the Easter bunny

It’s definitely always something!  

The following weekend was Easter weekend, when my parents were in town.  We had a great visit and had fun celebrating Helena’s first Easter.  On Saturday we went to a super fun music class, where we were the only ones that showed up!  It was a lot of fun dancing around and singing with Helena!  Plus she even got to “play” the guitar.  After we went to a super fancy dinner at Guard and Grace to celebrate my dad’s birthday (it was 4/7).  I was a little nervous taking Helena to such a nice place, but she did SO good!  We were able to enjoy our dinner and the wait staff feel in love with her, and even brought her fresh fruit to eat!  Near the end we did a lot of “peek a boo” with the napkins, but she was a trooper! 


Happy Easter!

LOVE my dads smile in this picture!!!
Easter Sunday we went to a church then a horrible and over priced brunch in Boulder. 
Overall we’ve been super busy! 

Up next: Florida!

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Emily Foley said...

Oh goodness, poor Chris! THaT is Isaac's worst nightmare. Glad he's okay! I love little Helena and her cute dresses! What a fun time to have her grandparents around! Lucky duck.