Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Santa Meeting

Of course she's on the Nice list!!!
 We went to Flatirons Mall the first weekend of the month to go meet Santa.  I thankfully made an online reservation, and got a great deal on some prints.  However, Helena wasn't impressed.  She stayed "serious baby" the whole time.  No interaction, nothing.  She wasn't sad or cranky, she just wasn't happy.  But we had a good time, and enjoyed the experience as Helena met St. Nick for the first time.

Hi I'm Helena and this is my serious face.
 Then last weekend my gym had Santa AND two reindeer!  Helena was much more aware this go 'round and actually noticed the man in the big red suit!  They shared a moment and bonded, and even better smiled!

I think they like each other

Lifelong friends

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