Friday, December 12, 2014

7 months

Baby girl had a super eventful month.  But first things first.  We went to the doctor today to get another vaccine, since she had her flu shot last month, and had her weighted: 15 pounds 7 ounces!  Almost a full pound heavier than last month! She's a growing baby girl.

We had such a great month!  With her first road trip, and first Thanksgiving, we also celebrated her crawling!  She's been on the move since Tuesday December 2nd!  People warned us "It's over once they are mobile."  Man oh man, they weren't kidding!  She's all over the place, and she is fast!  We thankfully (thanks to my husband!) have a baby gate up, and plugs in all the outlets.  Next will be the kitchen.  And what are we suppose to do with the cat food?, ...yup she's found that!  She has fun "cat hunting".  Denali knows to get out of the way, Otis however just stays there and Helena will grab his tail.  It's pretty funny.  In addition to the crawling last week she sprouted her first tooth.  I thought I saw something coming, but couldn't yet feel it.  Chris thought I was crazy, and then the next day, what do you know?  I felt a tooth!  Right now it's her bottom left.  I don't see the other bottom tooth, yet.  She is such a good eater!  She eats really well, and just chews her food and swallows right up.  There's always an adjustment when we introduce a new flavor, but after a few bites she's all over it!  Most days she's gets two helpings of solids, some days it is three.  Just depends.  Oh and she met Santa last weekend too.  We went to the mall, put her in her Christmas dress, and she was just serious baby with Santa.  No smiles, nothing.  Just serious baby face.  We're going to my gym tomorrow where we'll meet Santa again, along with a couple of reindeer, and hopefully get a smile.  She plays really good.  If I lay out a bunch of toys she'll just play and entertain herself.  It's really nice.  Overall, just a super happy baby.  Our Christmas tree is up, and she loves the lights, and I like to think she's is anticipating the presents on Christmas morning.  Another big first that happened at the beginning of December, is she's now going to an in home day care on Monday's and Tuesday's.  The first day was super difficult on me.  She usually sleeps until 8/8:30am, and on those two days I have to get her up a little before 7am.  Thankfully did does really good, and she just falls asleep at the day care around 9am.  I'm taking a super long Christmas break and my last day working for the year is Tuesday 12/16, and we have lots of fun things planned! 
It's been a super fun month, and I'm looking forward to what's next!

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Emily Foley said...

I LOVE crawling babies, such a fun stage! No idea about the cat food though, good luck hiding it from her!