Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First Thanksgiving

Ugh!  I'm so far behind.  Time to play catch up.  
We had a great Thanksgiving. Helena did great for her first road trip.  Chris had a follow up doctor's appointment with his neurologist on Wednesday afternoon (more on that later), so we got a late start on the road.  We filled up the gas tank and headed out around 5pm.  Helena hadn't taken an afternoon nap so she feel asleep right away.  She slept until about 7:30pm while we were coming upon the Colorado/Nebraska boarder.  There was some snowing, a car accident, and ice trucks that all slowed us down.  For whatever reason the two vehicles ahead of us wouldn't pass the de-icing trucks.  Eventually a ambulance came along so we got behind it and were able to pass the truck.  Chris crawled to the back sit and fed Helena, and she thankfully feel back asleep.  
Once we arrived in Kearney (a little before midnight {keep in mind they are central time}) Helena was awoken by the dogs and a different atmosphere.  I was really worried about the car ride effecting her schedule, what I hadn't thought of was how the different environment would effect her.  We set up her pack 'n play and tried to get her to bed.  She wanted nothing of it.  The first couple nights were rough.  She was up a lot, and really didn't like sleeping in the pack 'n play.  She's used to being able to move around and her pack 'n play is smaller than her crib.  Thankfully the last two nights were much easier.  
We had a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and just enjoyed hanging out with family.  I know I say this each time we go to Kearney, but it's so nice just visiting.  We didn't watch any TV, we just visited.  Played games.  Enjoyed each others company.  
Great-Grandma had so much fun with Helena.  She got to feed her a couple of times which she was so thankful for, as Helena is the first great grand baby she's been able to feed!  My in-laws got her a high chair, which was so nice!  So Helena had a place at the table.  
Chris and Alice put up Christmas lights on the house.  We went for a walk (their cat Simba walks with them, this cat is amazing!).  We visited with friends.  We took family photos.  
I always enjoy my time in Kearney because it is so easy.  I can truly relax.  Good home cooked food!  It's just a good time.  
Grandma and granddaughter

Great grandma and Helena

Grandpa and Helena

Hanging Christmas decorations

just a beautiful picture of my beautiful daughter

Taking the dogs and cat out for a walk

Auntie Alice

Great grandma feeding Helena (isn't grandma so beautiful!)

such a model!

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Emily Foley said...

The picture of her in the stroller is SO great. And I love the dog one too!

Isn't it weird that Helena and Finn both had their first Thanksgiving this year? :)