Wednesday, March 5, 2014

something amazing

the beginnings of a crib
I’ve had a highly emotional day, and I guess at this point in the pregnancy game I feel like every day is emotional.  The type of emotion is the fluctuating factor.  I’m tempted to just complain about my doctor’s, and the frustration of this pregnancy.  Instead I’m going to talk about my amazing husband who calms me and is there for me, in hopes that sharing his awesomeness will help take away my current frustration.
Seeing Chris form into the role of Dad since we found out I was pregnant has been such an amazing sight to see.  I can see him want to comfort me and take away my discomfort and frustrations.  I can see his amazement when he gets to feel or see the baby move.  I feel him blessing the baby when we get to pray together.  I feel his concern when we talk at night and he asks me how the baby is doing. 
He’s there for me to tie my shoes, and help lift me from the couch.  He’s there to rub my back when I’m mad at the fact that I’m pricking myself for the third time in a row to check my blood sugars.  He’s there to stand up for me when the doctor, yet again won’t look at my blood sugars. 
He assures me that I’m not a bad wife when I don’t feel like cooking dinner for the second (or third) night in a row.  He assures me that I’m doing the best job I can to take care of our baby.  He assures me that I'll be a good Mom.
He tells me I'm beautiful/sexy/pretty, when I feel like the fattest and ugliest person ever.
He makes all the phone calls to make sure all of the bills are paid. 
He has put together the whole entire baby room.  He painted it, put together all of the furniture, hung the curtain, hung the crosses, and put up the wall decal.  I haven't done any labor at all in that room, that room is all his.
He lets me relax when I've pushed myself too much.  During the moments when I feel like I'm not doing anything, he gives me credit for carrying this baby.  He helps makes the decision process easy.  From picking out names, to where to register, coming with me to doctor's appointments, joining me for the baby classes.  He's there to listen when I freak out if I haven't felt the baby move.  He's supportive of me taking 16 weeks maternity leave.  

He's there to tell me it is going to be ok.
He's been absolutely phenomenal during this pregnancy.  From beginning to the almost very end (baby isn't done cooking yet!) and seeing him start his true fatherhood role.  It's been something so special to share.  I feel so blessed that this baby is going to have such a great Dad.  That this baby will get to know us and see our type of love.  I'm so thankful and I truly appreciate everything that he has done to help me throughout this pregnancy.


Emily Foley said...

I'm so glad you have him for this! He sounds amazing.

If you don't like your doctor, fire him. They work for YOU, not the other way around. There are thousands of doctors in Denver that will be happy to take a new patient. There is absolutely no reason your doc shouldn't be listening to you, you pay him or her to do his job. Find someone else! That may stress you out but finding a doctor you like that you're happy with in the delivery room is worth a LOT.

Unknown said...

Very sweet post to your husband April!
I agree that your doctor is working for you, however you're getting close to the end so if you decide to switch you may want to do it soon.
The doc that delivered #4 is the same doc that Zook had and I didn't like her at all and Z loved her. You just never know...

Unknown said...

Sorry~it's Melanie :)

Andrea Ryall said...

Almost just cried! Keeping your relationship strong is really the one and only this your baby will ever need. I am so glad to see how happy you are and how well taken care of. Good man!