Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Random Pregnancy Thoughts II

@ 30 weeks 3/8/14

I finally feel like I have a bump.  

I’m still loving not having my period (excluding the first three weeks of November when I spotted off and on).

I feel like I have a pregnancy wobble.

I get weirded out when my friends call me “Mamma” or “Mom”.

I’m so thankful to be pregnant during the winter months.  I’m normally a very cold person, but with a baby growing I’m super hot.   It’s bad enough when it’s already cold outside, I can’t even imagine being hot and the temperature outside also being hot.

People have started sending us gifts from our baby registry.  Even though I’ve purchased countless items for unborn babies, it’s completely weird to me that people are buying things for our baby that isn’t here yet.

My favorite moments are lying in bed with Chris, his hand on my tummy feeling the baby move. It’s just the three of us, and it feels perfect.

I’ve noticed I’m extremely sensitive to the bumpy ride on the bus.  I’ve never been one to get motion or car sickness, but I definitely have a sensitivity to a bus driver who is break happy.

My current habit is scoping out where the restroom is with any new public place I enter.  “Holding it” is no longer an option.

I’ve rationalized that pregnancy is a year round thing.  We conceived in the Summer (August), majority of the 1st trimester was in the fall (1st trimester ended beginning of November), 2nd trimester and the beginning of 3rd trimester has been in the winter, and Spring officially begins this month, and will bring us our Spring Baby!  All four seasons are covered.  

I'm going to miss race season, and this makes me sad.  I've done the Mother's Day 5k since it began, and I'm sad I'll miss the race this year.  Although I'm excited to do it next year as an actual mom!

I’m super confused about baby’s gender.  I thought for sure I would have a “gut” feeling in regards to either boy or girl.  When I first found out I was pregnant I thought ALL girl.  In early pregnancy I had a dream that I was holding a toddler boy, and called him by our boy name.  Then two weeks ago I had my first birth dream.  It was the dream birth that I imagine having.  Baby came out and was put immediately on my chest and the doctor announced: “It’s a Boy!”  Then last week before our ultrasound I had a dream we were getting our ultrasound and the tech slipped and said something to the effect of: “Here is her arm.”  So we knew it was a girl.  Gender aside, we of course, just want baby to be happy and healthy!


Emily Foley said...

Oh boy, Noah was born on September 3rd and I've never had a more miserable summer. It was SO HOT! Love that baby bump!! I lode being in he hospital with Isaac and tHe nurses calling me mom right after he was born. So fun. It's getting close, man!

Peg said...

Love your bump! I have a little something for you if we can meet up!

Nikki said...

Looking good Mama! I am with Emily, totally had the worst summer heat!!! But so worth it!

Summer said...

Dude, all fall I was nice and cozy and now i am FREEZING. Your bump is SO cute!