Monday, March 17, 2014

memory monday

Greg, Kari, Grandpa Egan, Nikki on grandpa's lap, Charlene, me on Charlene's lap 2/26/1983
I've been meaning to do a "Throw Back Thursday" post about this picture for forever, just because I love this picture.  I have it on display on my fridge, and I really need to get it framed because it is the original picture, and it's in great condition.
But since today is Saint Patrick's Day and a very meaningful holiday to me, I thought I share the picture now and start a new tradition with "Memory Monday" and actually share the memory/story behind the picture.
As I've written in the past, I was extremely close to my Grandpa Egan.  In my eyes he was an Irish gentleman through in through, and today is the day he passed away 23 years ago. 
I still remember all of the details of 3/16/1991 and 3/17/1991 like they were yesterday.  But I don't really want to talk about those days.
I of course don't remember the picture above, but one of the things I do love about that picture is that it was taken at my parents house.  Where my parents still live, and still have that break fireplace.  
One trait that I have of my Grandpa's is his organization to document things.  The back of this photo has all of the details of this photo, along with some code in the bottom left corner.
If I had to take a guess the:
stands for:
It's Margaret's, Patti's, Kathleen's, and Barbara's kids that are in the photo.
Not too sure the meaning behind the "Grandma" since my Grandma Egan passed away when my mom was 18, well before I was born.  And then "Michelle" written below that, who is the youngest of the Egan siblings.
Or the "18A-19" is the upper left hand corner.  Not too sure what that means either.
back of the picture.  i love my Grandpa Egan's handwriting
I remember my Grandpa Egan always having a smile on his face.  He was always cheerful.  He also always had a cigarette in his hand, which I hated.  I loved driving to Santa Fe to visit him, and I loved his Santa Fe house.  I loved his backyard where he had lime green patio furniture and lots of apricot trees, where we were paid like 5cents a bag for picking apricots.  I love his cooking, he made wonderful waffles.  And he always had maraschino cherries in the fridge that I loved.  I remember going on long car rides with him and my mom during the fall to see the leaves change, and going on long car rides during Christmas to see Christmas lights.  He also had a bowl of nuts, I can't remember the type of nuts, but they were good.
He was a great Grandpa and I miss him.


Angela Schettler said...

It is also Gradpa Madrids anniversary of his death! I didn't realize they had passed on the same day!

Emily Foley said...

What a sweet post! I love grandpas. there's something so special about them. And it's funny how handwriting can bring back memories like that too, I love seeing handwriting (which is why I still handwrite journal entries every so often, it seems so much more personal).